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An individual with the innate talent of dancing, Hyland gives priority to her academics with her dancing career. She has been dancing since she was four and she is pursuing her dancing interests since then. She had also mentioned producers of the show in her lawsuit and had accused them of causing emotional distress. But the case was dismissed by the court. The Pennsylvania-born dancer and YouTube celebrity Hyland is currently dating with her longtime boyfriend Nick Kelley.

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Teenage dancer Hyland has earned fame and recognition as a talented dancer in her early dancing years. Paige already has that lucky guy with her whose name is Nick Kelly. She appeared in a blue bikini, while Anthony was in a colored short and bare chest. Any guy would be lucky to have a girlfriend like Paige Hyland. She enjoys various outdoor activities ranging from surfing to hiking.

Here, know who is Paige Hyland's boyfriend. Paige Hyland's other relations and affairs Well, the media doesn't peek at her personal life frequently so we don't have more facts about her other affairs. She might have gained the traits from her mother who is also a professional dancer.

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Her mother is also a professional dancer but left her dancing interest in order to pursue her dream in cheerleading. Dance Moms Hyland has the traits and portrays the character of a professional dancer.

She also alleged that Abby regularly abused and insulted her, including passing cruel remarks about her physical appearance. Nick Kelly has been Paige Hyland Boyfriend for a while now, and Hyland does not hesitate to share their photos on her Instagram which itself is a proof of Hyland boyfriend. Apart from her dancing, she has appeared in many music videos. Every human being has flaws, but love is an emotion which helps people look beyond the imperfections and find somebody perfect, to share the love.

As per the source, she also dated a boyfriend named Mikey Evans. Paige Hyland Instagram Paige Hyland Instagram is flooded with cute pictures of her with her boyfriend, to her photos of her travels to photos with her girlfriends. Apart from her regular dance sessions, her active lifestyle also helps her in keeping herself fit.

Have a look at the particular post. Sources say that he plays hockey and prior to playing hockey, he also used to dance. The courageous dancer always has the support of her parents and her best friend Chloe Lukasiak and she has not only won the hearts of many people with her dance but is equally active in modeling too. She has a bright prospect in the international dancing arena. However, they haven't announced their relation publicly and it's still unknown when the couple started dating.

Paige blacked out while dancing on Dance Moms. She likes spending time with her family.

Aside from dancing, she has interest for modeling and has auditioned for a show with her friend, Chloe. Moreover, Josh too was into dancing before starting to play hockey. Perhaps, we've to wait for years to know about it. She is normally known by her nick name Paigey Mack amongst her family and friends.

Her popularity can be guessed by the number of her YouTube followers, Twitter followers, and Instagram followers. She also kept her time with him on her Instagram. Nick shared a series of pictures, with Paige on her birthday with a similar caption.

She has been dancing since