What contestants are dating on american idol

What contestants are dating on american idol

Donaldson took in Rashad when he was just one week old and today, he calls him his son. All three judges were completely blown away tonight after her performance.

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The album sold fewer than copies. Gabby writes country music and she loves the country story. Each season, the final round of competition features ten to thirteen singers. She says that she considers herself a show-woman and wants to make people happy through entertainment. Because you have shown us this edgy, rambunctious, rocking side and you just delivered us that.

And it was the right decision, I know. Prior to getting on Idol, he was working as a bowling alley attendant. When Siani came out to her family, she said that they were very understanding. Justine broke down in tears upon hearing the great news and told judge Lionel Richie that he is her idol. Growing up, Donaldson was surrounded by crime, violence and poverty in Compton, but he chose to better himself.

Vox said that during the day, he works at a seafood restaurant and that he is a drag performer at night. She went on to meet her wife Ashley at a party and said that she and her wife basically started dating the day that they met. He and his sister ended up being placed in the foster care system, but Donaldson decided he wanted to strive for a bright future. But, this is not the performance that has blown viewers away.

Lorenzo bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, in hopes of making something of himself and, today, he has a girlfriend, with a cute baby daughter. Never underestimate the power of standing still and being in that moment. He said that some people told him he should kill himself. She wants to bring a new sound to country. Vox then became depressed.

The show's age requirements have varied year-to-year. Vox said that his sexuality and appearance were hit hard by haters on social media after his first appearance on the show.

Vox said that his sexuality and

American Idol's Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe Are Dating

This is the night that the live episodes begin for the season. When she first auditioned for the show, the judges were delightfully surprised that Jurnee was actually her real name and not a stage name.

He has been singing and playing the guitar ever since. Ada Vox Ada Vox was the final contestant shown during the auditions on the show this season. Fortunately, he was able to build himself up, despite the negativity.

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It was so natural for the crowd to come to you. Hutchinson actually has a musical connection to a previous American Idol winner. Michael Woodard Woodard is a man with an amazing voice and a huge personality. But, unlike many of her fellow competitors, music is relatively a new passion of hers. Poppe not only is a talented singer, she can also play the guitar, ukulele and keyboard.

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