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His vision is so majestic and out of the box. Kamal, the director, scores over Kamal the actor, which he always does when he directs, whether it is Heyram, Virumaandi or Vishwaroopam. If you are new to Indian films, start with this or if you want to show your non-Indian friend an Indian film, select this action-thriller classic. Instead, I will help you with my answer. Tremendous acting as three different characters.

Kamal Hassan Vishwaroopam Mass Fight Scene HD

Vishwaroopam is one of the most intense action thriller I have ever watched. Couple of suggestions to Kamal sir. Enjoy watching this movie. His style of making and narration holds the Tamil cinema to next level and make it as an international movie.

The movie starts in America. Kamal proved us, It is not necessary to make a movie inside your living conditions to sale it.

The efforts which have gone into making it look how you would have imagined and beyond is what makes Kamal really a great director in the movie. Eshwar commits suicide by self-shooting. In order to find out what happens next you need to wait for its sequel which I'm sure will be as pathetic as the first. But Kamal exceeds this feat in a couple of shots later. If you are a Kamal fan, then, well, u know.

As usual Dr Kamal Hasan gave a stellar performance, only this time coupled with with his genius in direction and story. When was the last time a South Indian movie crossed the boundaries not just for songs? So tamilnadu government put stay to release this movie. List of accolades received by Vishwaroopam. Kamaal Hassan just wanted to show his audience that he too can do a spy role.

Don't you love it when a guy with a gun is walking towards an unarmed man right until he is at a convenient short distance. While Nirupama, Ashmita and Jagannath are trapped in the car, Wisam is thrown out. This makes Dr Nirupama Pooja Kumar to doubt on her hubby's character and hires a detective, who gets killed by Al-Qaeda group.

Overall, garageband instrument Viswaroopam is Phenomenal. You are welcome to Viswaroopam.

Vishwaroopam II

Nirupama also finds out that her husband is not what she thought he is. Go and watch it for the brilliance of Kamal Hasan. Just sad that government doesn't trust the censor board that it appointed. No one else other than S-E-L could have pulled off such a good soundtrack. And I forgot the fact that i was watching a tamil movie in the second half.

VishwaroopamKamal Hassan Vishwaroopam Mass Fight Scene HD

Wisam instructs his men to stop the mass bombing. Viz's real name was Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri. If you compare zero dark thirty and Vishwaroopam its average flick. Nirupama gets jealous of Ashmita's closeness with Wisam and asks her how both are related.

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The Story is interesting and engages Audience slowly in its World. The one thing I remembered the most when I came out of the screen is Kamal the director. She learns from the private investigator that Viz is a Muslim.

On the other hand, Kamal took his own risks in dealing Viswaroopam. The movie ends with a promise to have a sequel coming up and you only will wait for it to come as soon as possible to know the answers for many questions in the first movie. Absolutely fantastic performance by Kamal in first half. But if it's logic you're seeking, I expect the sequel to make an entrancing watch to make up for the many questions that the first part left unanswered. There are songs, fights, dance, romance but no masala.

Vishwaroopam II

Not that bad, but also not that Great! Wisam succeeds in stopping him by killing him. The plot makes no sense at all. Development of the project began after the release of Haasan's Manmadhan Ambu when several of the crew were brought in from the United States to lend their technical expertise.

Characterization of Kamal and Rahul Bose as people from same religion Islam and fighting for a cause from different perspectives, say it good and bad. When his contemporaries dance and fight on the band wagons, Viswaroopam took us to Afghanistan.

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The charges that they make are untrue. There was just one song at the start, then it was all action and thrill. This is the best movie ever made in world cinema.

This is a clear attempt to lift the standards of tamil movies to another new level. This movie should be the best ever Tamil movie came out till date in Tamil cinema history because of its technical sound and having a standard of an international things with it. There is only single song in the movie, which will not serve an Indian Audience purpose of song. We have to accept it, as it is happening globally and it will happen in Tamil Nadu too. Cinematography was stunning.