Powder House Lodge Campground, Keystone

Updating powder rooms

The results of

The most expensive items were for the flooring and the new toilet. The rolling door will also make the room feel much larger. All went together seamlessly, even the plumbing realignment. That project has been put on the back burner.

This includes custom paneling and ceiling treatments, flooring and floor coverings, furniture, window treatments and light fixtures. We raised the electrical boxes on the wall so we could hang new wall scones higher than they were previously. Once we get it to them and the space is empty again, I will finish the painting and show you the reveal. The space has kind of become a storage area for furniture that we are going to take to our daughters.

This transformation is dramatic, whether we are building a new home, adding on, or renovating existing space.

They used to be in the master bedroom of my previous house. To save money, I shopped the house to find items to use. You can find the tutorial for it, here. Right now you have to walk into the room and around the door to close it. Outdoor Living Our goal is to make every square inch of space functional, and that includes outdoor living.

We had company coming for theAs soon as it did

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These artists craft custom tile tables, light fixtures, and painted and hand-carved panels for installation on walls and ceilings in our homes. Quiet Chic is what I like to call it. We were storing it against a wall in our bedroom. Our kitchens are a balance of function and beauty, solidly constructed with timeless materials. How I transformed the sideboard into a sink vanity.

The room needed a new toilet, sink, vanity, faucet, two light fixtures, flooring, wood planks and paint. We believe master bathrooms should be a peaceful and elegant place to start and end your day.

No theme or color scheme to have to match. We have refined this passion over the last years, with scopes ranging from single rooms to multi-million dollar projects.

We had company coming for the holiday weekend which was all the incentive we needed to get the makeover done quickly. As soon as it did, I ran to get a tape measure. The results of this individual personal attention is a unique space. We spend a great deal of time considering individual requirements for food preparation, storage and family living. Adding texture is the easiest way to create interest in a small room, yet keep things clean lined and simple.

No two projects are ever the same. As far as room makeovers go, we got this powder room done very quickly, because not one problem arouse, not one. We specialize in seamless additions and renovations that respect the original architecture of a home, while updating it for contemporary living.