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It floats above thesodium hydroxide solution. This requiresturning up the heat only slightly.

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This will be when methylamine no longer flows evenly into the formic acid. It can be used again in later batches ofphenylacetone. Place the dry red phosphorous in a beaker or flask of choice and add the hydroxide solution to it.

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The phenylacetone remains behind in thedistilling round bottom flask, because its boiling point is about degrees Celsius higher than the pyridine and acetic anhydride. He has no reason to fear the state crime lab putting the piecesof his lab back together.

He uses checks with high numbers on them so that theydont think that he just appeared out of thin air. But theywill not cut it until a few days have passed, so that their options are notlimited should one of the problems described in the next few paragraphsarise. Successfully reported this slideshow.

The glassware should be clean and dry. If there is one product which underground chemists can make, andalso enjoy themselves, it is methamphetamine, the fuel that powered theThird Reich. As the chemist continuesbubbling methylamine into the formic acid, its volume increases until it isdouble its starting volume, about ml. On top isa mixture of benzene, phenylacetone, and red tar.

If the sep funnel has aplastic valve, the valve is taken out before the sep funnel is put in theoven. The magnetic stirring bar does not go in the oven either. Wong, Edward Boyle, Kenneth W. If you do not havesuicidal tendencies, accept the fact that your sinus cavities are closeenough to your brain. One of them is filled with ice cubes no bigger than a fist and topped offwith water.

The underground chemist is now ready to distill the phenylacetone. SlideShare Explore Search You. Let this mixture sit for half an hour. The top of the sep funnel is stoppered and mixed byswirling. One of the Erlenmeyer flasks containing methamphetamine in solvent isplaced so that the glass tubing extends into the methamphetamine, almostreaching the bottom of the flask.

Forthis purpose, some hydrochloric acid is needed. While using such a device, the heat will usually lay quite far backon their pursuit to avoid being noticed. When it has cooleddown, it is poured in a tall glass bottle and kept in the freezer until thenext batch is made, when it is used for the production of Nmethylformamide. Itwas obvious that the steady boiling away of liquid am monia would form itsown protective gas blanket when done on a scale corresponding to real methproduction.

Within a minute of bubbling, white crystals begin to appear in thesolution. Meth is not physically addicting, but sincegood effective stimulation is so enjoyable, it is habit-forming. Eventually, all the methylamine will be boiled out. Aftervigorous shaking for three minutes, the crystals reappear.

Standard Equipment Needed (5 Grams)

Standard Equipment Needed (5 Grams)

The Buchner funnel is put back into the topof the filtering flask. This is because pyridine and acetic anhydrideare harder to separate, so a longer column is needed to do the job.

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For the distillation, two ml round bottom flasks areneeded, one to collect the benzene in, the other to collect thephenylacetone in. The unreacted layer is poured into a ml sep funnel. It should be clear to paleyellow in color.

The other pail is placed on the floor and the plastic tubingfrom the upper water exit of the condenser is run to this pail. The grey layer is iodine crystals that have crashed out of solution. Even so, theres still lots of good product in it. As long as it stays covered, it causes the chemist noproblems.

What he isdoing is removing and destroying the acetic anhydride. The sep funnelis washed out with hot water.

It iscoated with Teflon, so it does not have any water on it. However, I have tried it and the results are unsatisfactory. It has been my experience that a few beers is usually all ittakes to get a speed demon in the mood to eat.

Before assembly, the joints arelightly greased with silicone based stop cock grease. This is done quickly, so that evaporationof the petroleum does not throw the measurement off. The search for an atomic description of the universe. The process takes about three dayswith two people working in shifts around the clock. Filter all the red phosphorous out of the mix.

Now the vacuum hose is disconnected and the Buchner funnel, stopper andall, is pulled from the filtering flask. Then thevacuum hose is attached to the vacuum adapter and a weak vacuum producedinside the glassware. Now the underground chemist is ready to begin heating the flask. Weigh out the red phosphorous.

Thetop end of the aspirator is threaded so it can be threaded into the watersource. Eventually, after each flask hasbeen bubbled for about seven times, no more crystal will come out and theunderground chemist is finished. Poorly purified meth also has this drawback. At this point, he may offer a prayer to the chemicalgod, praising his limitless chemical power and asking that some of thispower be allowed to flow through him, the gods High Priest.

Now rnl of water isadded and shaken. After the flask has cooled down, it is poured into a ml sepfunnel, universal self scorer mathematics and ml of benzene is added. Toluene or mineral spirits may besubstituted for the ether. Itwill bubble out carbon dioxide like crazy and crystals of sodium sulfatewill be formed. Again a jumbledpattern is striven for.

Documents Similar To uncle festers. Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture - Uncle Fester. Related Searches Uncle Uncle fester Pseudoephedrine. The reaction mixture has the same color as beer and gentlybubbles. This pail is placed on the table along withthe glassware.

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