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Hello Gert, You can contact ComponentOne support for help on this at support. Hi Were you able to fix this problem? Does this mean that I have to buy another license for end users? At present I can set it up to Wordwrap but the user has to manually resize the rows to display all lines if the text is more than fits in one line. Did you enter a serial number during installation?

With corresponding drop down for a table lookup translation. The screen is not visible to the user yet and the user is not clicking on a row. Most recent critical review vint.

Bookmark property, tonight tonight hot chelle rae mp3 since the Help says this about the. That too it was less by quantity two only. Is there a way to simply retrieve the text by specifying a column and a row or a way to Retrieve the text of the selected area? Have people here found anyway to do that?

Look forward to hearing from you. The font used to display text in a grid, column, or split is determined by its Style property setting. Can't see ay participation from any Component One folks in this forum in well over a year, last post being way back in July from suppport componentone.

Using the TDBGrid Control in Delphi Database Apps

During the run time, all the database table names are loaded in the combo box control. You will be able to delete the grid if you do not need it, since the licensing information will remain in the licenses. In runtime, if a table name is selected from combo box, all the records pertaining to selected table will be loaded in the grid. My hard drive recently committed suicide and I decided to get a new system.

It has the least bugs and the most rewarding experience programming. But when printing or in the printpreview in one grid the first row has a different format then defined in the fetchrowstyle event. How to show different combobox values in different rows of one column? We are not able to read the values from individual cells. Hello, Is it possible to set up a Hot Key Menu item off the grid?


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When I load up the grid, I see the first several characters of the data - as much as the width of my column - which is fine. When I was told you use the licensed version of the install, I was not able to get the screen asking for the license number. Regards, Rajesh Reddy M Reply. How can i programmatically scroll thru all the records in the grid and update them?

Is there anybody who can give me some advise about TrueDbGrid. The two white columns have AllowFocus set to true while the rest have it set to False. What is the property that is used for making drop down boxes in the Truedbgrid work that when a user types the first letter of the list the whole word pops up into the box automatically pops up. And how can we migrate from old tdbgrid to new tdigrid?

If you need further assistance, please contact support. And can i then select something from this drop down and depending on this choice there should be another sql-query written in a field in the same row.

You can contact them at support componentone. The visible rows do scroll down as I go through the rows and change the. The thing is that i need to search this array in order to copy just cells that have been entered non empty ones to another array. Hello, Change the editor within the BeforeColEdit event.

Col with the desired column index or column caption. Yes, or it can be unbound. Does anyone know of such a site.

The printer the windows dialog comes without the button for selecting a printer. Peter Tyler Geneva - Switzerland Reply. Also be sure to distribute the same build of the controls that you compiled your application with.

How is the best way to store the values modified in the unbound column. Bookmark but how can I read more records? So what's the trick for this?

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They just don't appear to fire. Hello Gert, I apologize, but I gave you an incorrect email address previously. How is possible to find a solution to my problem? We wanted to introduce some more controls in the form inorder to retrive records more precisely. Hello Rual, Please try selecting another row in the button click.