Female truckies needed amid driver shortage

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We have thousands of local single truckers just waiting to meet you. Most truck drivers reside in state capitals or coastal cities such as Perth or Brisbane, flying in and out of the mining towns for work.

What's it like to be a women living a trucker's life. Generally women drive less aggressive and more cautiously than men, so that should also mean they are less likely to be involved in accidents.

By excelling at the arduous labour involved in trucking, these female drivers are the new face of equal employment in Australia. Jones grew up around motorbikes and cars, and was working as a secretary for a mining company when she made the spontaneous decision to exchange her typewriter for a seat behind the wheel.

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In this video about trucking life for women, Gene talks about her experience and gives great advice for life in general. That wasn't true, obviously. The moment we met, I felt something so special. My insecurities are tied to his being a truck driver and us not getting to spend time together. In it for the long haul Experts in the industry say women drivers are in high demand because they are said to have longer attention spans, and have a gentler touch on the gears and brakes.

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Something as simple as that can be perceived differently depending on the person it's directed toward. Do you think you have more or less benefits than the male drivers.

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If it is not you will be blocked forever. Anyway, I guess I developed a trust issue after that, and our relationship ended one night when I texted him and he took hours to reply I hear stories about truck drivers.

You like your partners to be around. It means, it has a lot to do with the individual's attitude, expectations, and perspective of what she experiences.

Who knows, that's my theory anyway. Women in Trucking Ladies, tell us how life is for your on the road.