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However, the Nayak chiefs valiantly fought during the hour of the need. The vasireddy family might have migrated to Krishna District Nandigama and later Guntur and adjacent districts. Triumph and Freedom Battles were fought at all levels at a great cost and independence was achieved after many a sacrifice.

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Unlike the coins of many of the earlier dynasties, the Nayak coins are easily available for coin-collectors. He lived until and had great influence upon the fate of the Nayaka dynasty until his death.

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The bull also is seen frequently on the Madurai Nayak coins. He was the greatest of the Kakatiyas and the first after the Satavahanas to bring the entire Telugu area under one rule. Lack of support from Vijayanagar and non-cooperation from Devarakonda and Rachakonda Nayaks also contributed to the fall of Warangal.

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Alauddin was an ambitious man and his goal was to conquer the whole of Dakshinapatha Deccan. Vinayaka Deva had initial successes but was eventually defeated, captured and killed in a cruel and ghastly manner.

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It was a disaster because of the valiant resistance of the Kakatiya army in the battle at Upparapalli Karim Nagar District. Muttu Alakadri did not long survive their departure, but gave himself over to debauchery with an abandon which soon brought him to a dishonoured grave. The people of this caste are known for their enterprising and boisterous nature. Bukka Raya died during this time. And the famous Kohinoor diamond which was unearthed near the Golconda fort during their reign, was among the booty carried.