The most hilarious prom photos of all time

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The guys on the left

This also means her date should feel like a prince. We just hope he dressed for the occasion. Either way, their facial expressions are far from being synced, they should have probably talked about it before taking the picture. And then of course, that Crybaby mustache that just seals it all together. Mint was fashionable at some point in history.

The guys on the left look so handsome with their dapper suits, and you can tell they put in the time to look good. One look at his face is enough to see how exactly he feels about this. His is more similar to a western style theme and hers is like a penguin. These two not only matched their outfits, but they matched their hairstyles. It makes them blend perfectly into the background, helping you almost ignore that horrible red dress.

One look at his face is

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Getting handsy Sure, we understand that teenagers have certain expectations revolving prom, and often plan on getting handsy with each other. Not sure if plaid was the thing back then, but we just have a feeling those mushrooms have something to do with that. She should just blend into the background and hope no one notices her. Poor guys had to listen to their girlfriends and wear pink when they surely wanted to wear the farthest thing from it. Spare us the grand show and just jump already.

His is more similar to

Only good things could come out if it. This prom pulled the old switcharoo by giving each other their prom attire. The glitter alone must have come in bulk and gotten stuck on everyones clothes. If that is the case, we would suggest this guy run very far, because his girlfriend looks fierce.

As one of the most important nights of your life as of yet, you just want to have beautiful pictures commemorating the magical event. We have to say though, this friend did a pretty good job hiding himself in the bush behind.

We were certainly born in the wrong era, the big hair looks like so much fun to pull off. Blended These two definitely got the memo that they need to fix their hair like plants at the backdrop of their prom picture setting. We are all about the light pink, to be as demure as can be while still going to match with the rest of my crew.

We would give anything to be there when this girl finds out her dad photobombed her prom photo, by standing behind her bare chested and with a creepy, creepy smile on his face. By the expression on her face, she left him to ride alone. He looks so cheerful, just standing there and posing for a picture on his way to the prom.

Only good things could come outThese two not only matchedThis prom pulledIt makes them blend perfectly into