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The song had been recorded four years earlier in response to Whittaker's request to radio listeners to send in lyrics to his show so that he could write songs around them. Brian and Michael were joined on the record by the St. However Rat Trap, by Ireland's premier band of the time, broke through big time to become their biggest selling single so far.

Go ahead and get your credit card out, too. Some years later, he's managed to come up with a better monicker and his songwriting hasn't been tarnished by a few years away either. This song soared to the top of the Singles Chart in October and stayed there for three weeks. And the tremendous Kate Bush had also arrived. Quite possibly Tammy Wynette's trademark song.

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Such was the demand for Rivers of Babylon that British presses could not keep pace. Screaming girls waving tartan scarves and wearing ankle length tartan trousers were everywhere, ensuring the group of its second Number One single of the year. Or, keep scrolling for a more detailed approach.

The Bee Gees reigned supreme and it appeared the Gibb brothers could do no wrong. Doing battle with Saturday Night Fever was the soundtrack to the movie, Grease.

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