Tiny toons dating

Tiny toons dating

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He whistles out to Fifi, who sees Beeper as another boy skunk and begins chasing him instead. Just as Calamity is about to capture Beeper, Fifi uses a remote control to re-route the jet to bring Calamity to her instead, but Calamity takes the remote and accidently smashes into a brick wall.

Awful Orphan - Elmyra discovers Sneezer in a basket on her doorstep and cares for him as if he were a baby. The cartoons ends with Buster, Babs, and Elmyra blowing kisses to the screen. In the next scene, Calamity is on a building while finishing his Acme Jr. The chicken flies over him and its feathers cover his back.

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However, when the fuse of the cherry bomb under the bowling ball didn't set the trap, Calamity was surpised that it didn't work. How she got in the cage is a mystery. Calamity ran to the trap and wondered why his plan didn't work, when suddenly the bowling ball started to roll and hit the can. Elmyra is happy to hear this, and asks Bachelor number three if he is a bunny with a fluffy tail and long ears.

Buster stops the show and asks Elmyra what kind of question she asked, as it makes no sense. Monty says he's not and plans to buy the network so he can cancel the show. Buster tells her that he's the host and she can only date one of the three Bachelors who are around the corner. Buster then tells the viewers to never ever call a girl chubby.

Meanwhile Babs in herSuddenly Fifi appears again frightening Calamity

Buster yells for them to stop. Suddenly, Calamity turns around to see that Fifi is also in the cage and she begins to kiss him a lot. The first question goes to Hamton, who is eating a watermelon.

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Home Wrecker - After finding steel bars driven down into his burrow, Buster finds that Montana Max is building a house right over him. Calamity decides to leave, only to step on a bowling pin, which causes him to fall into the Tar, covering his body. He finally releases him, only to have the mosquito's entire family invade his house. While doing that, Beeper appeared in the cage and blew a raspberry at Calamity and left the cage.

Just then, Fifi is seen searching for her dream boy where she sees Calamity and mistakenly thinks he is about to fly into her heart, only to miss. She begins to show her affection by kissing him.

Seeing what happened, Calamity uses this to his advantage. As he says this, Babs, dressed like Vanna Pink, comes by and dresses Monty as a rabbit. Buster tells her not to touch the host, and then to ask the next bachelorette another question. Meanwhile, having finished the seeds, Beeper runs off. After Babs is finally ready, both she and Buster left her burrow, only to realize that their date is over, since it took Babs hours to found the right outfit, and Babs says goodbye to Buster.

The next scene takes place at an office and Babs makes Buster take tests such as an ink blott test, and telling him to say different words after she said a word first. Babs then tells the viewers only to go out with guys your best friend thinks is cute. The animator paints her normal dress back on her. Buster and Babs scare each other.

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Suddenly, Fifi appears again, frightening Calamity, as she asks about her dream skunk and he realizes that she doesn't know that him and her dream skunk are the same guy. Meanwhile, Babs, in her room, tries to look for something other than her normal yellow and purple dress to wear, but nothing seems to work for her.

Buster describes each episode as an example of the characters looking out for those smaller than they are. Back in her room, Babs is still trying to pick her outfit, up to the point where she asks the Animator for help. He then disguises himself as a ghost to scare Max away.

Calamity's eyes begin turning green, meaning he can't stand the strench much longer and is about to black out. Fang You Very Much - Elmyra joins a pet-of-the-month club and receives a bat who turns into a vampire. Luckily, it missed Calamity, but the ball hit a chicken's nest which was also part of the trap. Despite several attempts, he fails to catch Buster, and is then taken home by Elmyra instead. Luckily, her smell melts the cage and he is able to escape from her again by slipping out of her wrapped tail.