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Although a rather intimidating figure, The Will of Nakatsukasa is also benevolent and just, not lending his power to those who he thinks are not worthy. Within the realm, the Will of Nakatsukasa is capable of possessing the body of those within the Nakatsukasa to act as a kind of physical avatar.

Tsubaki won't be as worried as much but she might give some small feedback for an uncomfortable relationship. He strictly adheres to the Path of the Warrior, and does not allow emotion to cloud his judgment, saying that causing grief and fear to others is a part of the Path of the Warrior. He has glowering yellow eyes and crimson antlers. Appearance Black Star faces Tsubaki and the Will Inside Tsubaki's soul, the Will of Nakatsukasa takes the shape of a gigantic black deer adorned with ornate white markings.

He can judge a person's character by a single glance of their soul, and nothing escapes his eyes.

While in Tsubaki's body heWhen killed the Will of Nakatsukasa

The Will of Nakatsuksa using a force field. He looked normal as usual. Therefore he has experienced many things, whether it be bloodshed, the corruption of the warrior, the pain of battle etc. However, after the person confronting proves themselves as worthy, the Will of Nakatsukasa will accept this and will entrust that person with his power. The shinigami thought for a while.

Some of his antlers are actually separate from his actual body. He once possesses Tsubaki's soul to take on a more human form, that of a tall humanoid deer with pointed ears, long muscled limbs and a masculine build. The Will of Nakatsukasa is capable of making those who enter it's realm feel the resentment of defeat, fear and despair of those who were killed while using the Uncanny Sword. Liz will get really suspicious and her questions will be really annoying me. He is a strict teacher and does not hold back when confronting someone he deems unworthy of his power.

While in Tsubaki's body, he was capable of a super leap into the air. When killed, the Will of Nakatsukasa absorbs the souls of those killed while using the sword. Your review has been posted. Maka smiled and straighten up herself. Soul looked at Professor Stein in shock while Maka continued reading her book without noticing the knife that was hit directly on the wall.

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