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This program has been very easy for our tenants to use. Let's keep the communication open.

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Not being able to manipulate mandatory fields. Video and Screen Recording. Religious Institutions, employees.

Easy To Use & Simple to Learn Veterinary Software - Hippo Manager

Keep your appointment scheduler full and clients loyal! Very rarely Hippo will load slow. Join us for one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about some of the new features we have added. There have been times that we would like to do something where we couldn't and the option wasn't there to even create a customization. Overall It works very well.

We are continually trying to improve Hippo and appreciate the feedback. With over ten years of experience, Hippo has been instrumental in streamlining maintenance operations over organizations. You will be happy to know that we are adding more customization features this year. Keep the feedback coming and never hesitate to connect with our support team.

Our Development Team is always looking for ways to improve the reporting feature, ribbon vector psd and your feedback is extremely valuable for improving the Hippo software. View full list of Preventive Maintenance Software. View full list of Equipment Maintenance Software.

Nothing makes our team happier than hearing about another successful implementation. We are glad that we sorted your concern with the email address that was sending out emails. Thank you for your feedback. Glad to hear that Hippo continues to be a helpful maintenance management solution for Independent Healthcare Properties.

And again, they have all the features that the big names have as well. That is done by the work order completion data entry, parts that are used are logged.

It's an effective visual tool that is cool to use and simplifies navigating thru the system and monitoring the status of the equipment. You are not alone, many of our users have requested and our development team has the project slated for this year. This allows tenants to submit a work order and see the progress of the request.

Wish there was more search features. Hang tight someone will be in touch. Hello Matt, thank you for the wonderful review!

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There are many on-going webinars you can take advantage of or get some personalized training sessions. There isn't any real instructions or help drop down menus explaining what the field needs or why it is needed.


The task given was to identify, qualify, and implement a simple yet robust facility management program to move from a paper based system to an electronic form. All of the other four products I evaluated wanted at least six months to a year commitment without me having been able to really evaluate their products.

FileHippo - Download Free Software

Our maintenance employee's are alerted about works order requests via email. Glad to hear that Hippo is still working for Nueterra overall as a maintenance solution for your facilities.

My Mechanics are getting more done in a day. Where the problem areas are at.

We are happy to hear that Hippo is working well for Haggai Institute. Fully customizable with highly integrated features, Hippo Manager is the choice for hundreds of practices around the U. From when things are due for maintenance to what is needed for the maintenance due, Hippo allows you to log it all. We ordered software and it launched two days later. You can find several Hippo guides and videos to show you how!

There should be some type of save button so you can keep your columns custom to the way you like it. Accessing the user manual is a bit confusing but were working through tat as well. We can now track work orders and have a paper trail for work.

This allows us to meet the strict standards in the Food Industry. Trying to locate where everything is, from equipment to location, can be tricky until you're used to Hippo's layout. Building Maintenance Features.

We had an issue when we initially rolled out the program with the users putting their phone extensions in the contact info section due to them interpreting the wording incorrectly. Creating work orders is fast and easy.

It was also easy to get my staff trained on it. It increased our overall production by multiple people having visual progress over what was getting done.


Unlimited Data Storage Never think about how much storage your X-Rays and imaging or patient files are taking up. It would be nice to have some sort of text box linked to each piece of equipment where you could keep notes and helpful information instead of using the Documents tab.