Sergio martinez dating

Sergio martinez dating

The Madison Square Garden crowd

It was there that he began his partnership with his current trainer Gabriel Sarmiento, who worked out of a gym in Azuqueca de Henares. Sergio, you are the best for me.

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He successfully defended the title once, knocking out Sergio Ernesto Acuna in the seventh round, before being stripped of the title. The sanctioning organizations for boxing recognize that boxers may choose to move up or down in the weight categories, yet they also wish to make all championship belts available to challenge. As such, their rules prohibit a fighter from simultaneously holding belts in multiple divisions. Both fighters were ranked among the top six pound-for-pound fighters, and Williams came into the fight as the Ring No.

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The only blemish on his record at this point occurred in his third fight, a draw against Mario Javier Nieva over four rounds. You'll always be the best champion, Sergio. He attended a news conference to support legislation involving the Violence Against Women Act. The Madison Square Garden crowd was largely pro-Macklin. Cintron's protestations led to the referee overturning his decision and the fight continued.

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His boxing career suffered a major setback in August when he broke his left hand, forcing him out of the sport for a year. The knockout was called by many as the knockout of the year. During this run of fights he won the Argentina welterweight title after outpointing Javier Alejandro Blanco. After the first round however, he begun to make the fight competitive with Cotto.

He has also championed the cause of domestic violence against women. Many speculated that this would be a fight of the year candidate.

The only blemish on his record