Raymond depardon urgences online dating

Raymond depardon urgences online dating

Their ears may be open but they struggle to find the words to comfort and reassure their patients. It is because there is still such a stigma attached to mental illness that Depardon's film has such social importance and impact. However empathetic the approach and honourable the intent, questions of consent and the spectre of exploitation lurk at the edge of the frame. The camera rests on the face of the judge for a moment as he looks into a future which is likely to include many things, none of which will be professional soccer.

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Depardon protects the identities of the subjects by changing their names and other details, but their faces are shown. Of course we should be cautious about taking everything we see in the film at face value. No one who watches the film can fail to be moved and unnerved by it, yet it says what must be said, honestly and without embellishment.

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All the other patients ask to leave. Urgences is a starker, more intimate work than this, one that presumably because of its central Parisian location has a greater sense of immediacy. The cases of long-term patients are also assessed on a regular basis.

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However empathetic the approach and honourable

Her gaze is both searingly intense and curiously blank. It is a world that is unimaginable to most of us, a modern bedlam steeped in human misery. Sometimes what we see and hear is just too much to bear. Another, a hollow-eyed year-old man who slurs through a list of paranoid delusions in agonising slow motion, ends the interview with a promise to become a professional footballer when he gets out.

But just to change her diaper, to love her. And the conversation between them will determine whether they can be allowed to take personal responsibility for their own liberty.

The lonely old man who tried to kill himself in a public staircase to the annoyance of his neighbours can see the lighter side of his act but is still desperately earnest in his desire to die. She is glad to stay in the hospital, acknowledging that she needs to heal.

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