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State Plane coordinates are in meters. There are a large amount of books and records that only can be accessed by visiting libraries, museums or record office. This command can be used to merge smaller image sections together to overcome the limit of a scanner or simply to create a large image with all sections for easy processing. The boundaries are then vectorized automatically and the vector lines are displayed on top of the segmented image.

My software You have not saved any software. There is no software limit for image sizes. If the problem still happens, try to read the image using a third vendor graphics software to verify the image file. Control point locations are not guaranteed to be at the exact same location after the transformation. Converts, digitizes and refines architectural, mechanical, various technical drawings, maps, math graphs, bangla mobile ringtone mp3 graphics for books and journals and more from raster to vector.

Try to keep all your active data project files, image files, vector files on your local machine and move them to a network drive only when all processing is complete. Cancels the current line join operation. Other things such as small lines segments and patterns might be identified as intersection symbols but this is okay and will not cause any problem. Full view, or fit the entire image in the window. You can set a new region of interest by repeating the above steps.

R2V File Summary

Click here to get sample output files. This occurs because control points far away might be used.

R2V File SummaryWhat is the R2V File Extension

Bi-Linear corrects global distortion more effectively while Triangulation corrects local distortion better. The color code is displayed at the bottom of the screen, in the form of an X, Y value.

The circle drawing mode is similar to the rectangle drawing mode. Control point locations are maintained during the transforming process and local distortions are corrected effectively.

You display the scanned image on screen and you select the vectorization command. Vector data can be geo-coded or geo-referenced to a real world coordinate system e. The calculated geography coordinates are displayed in the latitude and longitude edit boxes. When selecting the number of classes for classification, do not make it too many because regions may get fragmented. The text blocks are automatically grouped.

News Blog Facebook Twitter Newsletter. When applying control points to the vectorized map, which method should be used, Bi-Linear or Triangulation?

Types of R2V Files


Latitude and longitude are in decimal degrees. They have found this very cost effective, as scanners are an expensive investment and hardware is always difficult to maintain. Click the left mouse button within a text block.


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Repeat this step to add more rectangles. For example, in this picture, we've highlighted the my-file.

Point and click at a known location to select. If you are a large organization doing map digitizing on a regular basis, like some of our users, it is probably more convenient and cost effective to purchase your own scanner. You'll be asked if you want to use it for geo-referencing. Write your own batch script to customize the processing steps for the images before vectorization and for vector line processing after the vectorization. Try a Universal File Viewer In addition to the products listed above, we suggest that you try a universal file viewer like FileViewPro.

Draw a selection rectangle around one single intersection by pressing down the left mouse button. Auto Vectorization How do I vectorize a parcel map? Point data can be exported to all the vector file formats supported. For example, if you want to get vector data for all the water boundaries, first draw a selection rectangle within a water area, such as river or lake. Select Paste to paste the second image into the first image.

The way to define control points is simple. Think of the merged map set as the same size as if we scanned the map on a large scanner at the same resolution. Because your operating system doesn't know what to do with this file, you won't be able to open it by double-clicking.

Types of R2V Files

When the Image Mosaic dialog box appears, define the mosaic matrix and the names of the image files to be used for the mosaic. To do this, draw a selection rectangle using the left mouse button for a region where intersection symbols are identified correctly.

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Because the size of the rectangle is very important, make it slightly bigger than the vectorized intersection symbol. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to a position where the lower-right corner of the rectangle is. Click here to see an example of an image cropped using region of interest.

Some experimenting with this will help. Repeat this step to add more circles.

After this process, the image will have a smaller number of colors. Repeat this process to map all the recorded color to the main color. Repeat this step to fill all parcels.

All the lines are extracted in seconds and displayed right on top of the image for you to verify and edit. If the image is very large, you need to check to make sure your system has enough memory to read the image for processing.