Quien fue antonio de nebrija yahoo dating

Quien fue antonio de nebrija yahoo dating

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For that reason, equipped with such background, he decided to return to Spain willing to strengthen here some of the features of Italian humanism trends. Bishops of Barcelona public library. The first years in Salamanca.

Grammar of the Castilian language ofFor these humanists theThis was the straw that

The shell of the nebrisense bibliophile. As you might suspect, Nebrija had followed closely the activity of the cardinal. With his combative attitude, Nebrija had managed to return against the spirits of many eminent representatives of the University life of the moment. Thus, saw the light the Rerum Fernando Elisabe Hispaniarum et foelicissimis regibus gestarum decades duas, along with two other books on the war of Navarre composed the humanist. Nebrissa Veneria, of which we find first mention in the poet Silius Italicus.

The grammar of the Castilian language

This was the straw that broke the camel. For these humanists, the grammar was the art basic and fundamental to access other fields of knowledge. That was the reason that prompted him to adopt the nickname of Elio, in correspondence with the Spanish of yesteryear, such as Adriano or Trajan. He was author, among many other works, of the first grammar of the Spanish language. The grammar of the Castilian language.

Grammar of the Castilian language of Nebrija. Much earlier, he had felt attracted to the study of the Scriptures. It is worth a last curiosity.

Anyway, against the first wishes of the cardinal that Nebrija was part of the team responsible for editing the Bible, soon emerged the dissensions. Thus, it is possible to check that the friendship between Nebrija and Cisneros came from far behind.