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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kurt's robots place various obstacles on the road that distract other drivers. However this feature only appeared in a single player form on the site, the more complex of a track the user created the more credits they could earn.

Vert, Taro, Banjee, and Kadeem manage to narrowly avoid this, but Lani's car sinks into the lava and is trapped, forcing Taro and Vert to go back and rescue her. Before finishing the race, the Wheel of Power disintegrates, being a fake the whole time. Kurt, after realising that Gelorum was a robot in disguise and unwilling to hurt the drivers any longer, had a change of heart and joins Vert in returning the Wheel.

World Race was based on the television series. Kurt wins, initially unaware that it was only the first leg of the World Race. Afterwards, more drivers enter the World Race and are looking for their teams.

They would be the last drivers to finish the race, with Markie blaming Banjee. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In other projects Wikiquote. Vert and his team drive through the wheel despite Lani being unable to help any longer, just before the entire wheel is destroyed. Meanwhile, Taro and Kadeem tie for first place after narrowly avoiding a pile-up.

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In the race, Vert is able to stay ahead of the others with his unique skateboarding-based driving style. In an attempt to overpower Vert, Kurt crashes and is out of the competition. After a long battle, the Wheel is returned back where it belonged, bringing life to the city once again, forcing Gelorum and the last of her robots to retreat. Mattel Entertainment Mainframe Entertainment.

The mines detonate and Markie is knocked out as his car hangs over a cliff. Copy data from one computer system to another or to a disk In computer networks, to download means to receive data to a local system from a remote system, or to initiate such a data transfer. When all were collected a player would be awarded with a special track build and they could race on that track.

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The developers intended to release a track editor for the game. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Multiplayer with some single-player. The duo of cEvin Key and Phil Western use their impressive repertoire of skills, synthesizers, and sequencers to create a transcendent work of experimental electronica. With Gelorum's forces surrounding the complex, Gelorum makes an ultimatum demanding the Wheel of Power's surrender.

In a final act of charity, Vert gives away his prize money to Kadeem to bring aid to his people. This would allow players to build their own race track and race with people on their friends list. Massively Multiplayer Online Racing.

Users could also race and play mini-games to earn credits, the currency of Planet Hot Wheels, and purchase items with them. To get these parts players could buy specially marked Hot Wheels cars and enter a code to get an item.

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This online game -related article is a stub. Markie, awakened, knocks the robot down the cliff, saving Kurt.

Meanwhile, Kadeem is meditating alone when he meets the blind spirit Haziz, reminds him that his home in the Sahara is running out of clean water. In computer networks, to download means to receive data to a local system from a remote system, or to initiate such a data transfer. In the third leg, the drivers find themselves in the middle of a challenging desert, landing in thick sand that has them stuck. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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As the robots place landmines over a large bridge against Kurt's orders, Kurt tries to warn Markie of the incoming danger, but is ignored. The game uses a heavily modified version of the gameplay engine used in the previous Stunt Track Driver games, which can be easily seen in its sound and visual effects. If one plays by themselves, the car will start steering and driving backwards.

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With the other drivers back, Wheeler and Kurt battle for first place. Tezla and drivers, now determined to bring the Wheel of Power back where it belongs, attack Gelorum's forces and use the Wheel to reopen the portal to Hot Wheels City. Vert comforts the disappointed Kadeem as Kurt attempts to leave, only to be stopped by Gelorum, who still finds him useful despite his cover being blown. Later in the race, Kadeem discovers the Wheel of Power at the top of a pyramid and ties it to his car.

This includes original Planet Hot Wheels tracks, the doors music and removing the feature to choose one's car. Planet Hot Wheels was a a racing-oriented Massively multiplayer online game.

Kurt, however, defeats Markie after he refuses to help him cheat in the race. Kurt goes back to rescue Markie, but he is attacked by a robot who threatens to destroy him.

This engine was later used for the Turbo Driver game, which showcases a similar premise to the World Race series. Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references. The robot that attacked Kurt is revealed to have survived, and despite his pursuit, Vert reaches the Wheel of Power first, winning the World Race and the grand prize. The game was apparently made to run concurrent with the show, as a couple of assests from it, like Dr.