Orange marmalade korean drama jong hyun dating

Orange marmalade korean drama jong hyun dating

She constantly tried to intimidate Ma-ri, but all her attempts failed miserably. He asked her to never leave his side. His life started to turn around when his sweet-smelling blood made Ma-ri lose control of herself, resulting in biting his neck. When she found out Ma-ri was a vampire, she accepted her without hesitation. After Ma-ri saves her life, getting injured in the process, Soo-ri's entire opinion of vampires is changed and she becomes protective of Ma-ri, even standing up for her when Ah-ra found out.

He doesn't trust humans at all, and thinks highly of himself. Later, she joined the Band Club.

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Ma-ri's life all starts to turn around when Jae-min's sweet-smelling blood made her lose control of herself, resulting in biting his neck. As the story progress, he falls in love with Ma-ri and cares for her the most. At the end of the story, he and Chae-rin disappeared as he claims that his kind of vampire is no longer allowed to exist. He is ready to beat anyone who hurts her.

Jo Ah-ra Ah-ra is the antagonist of the story. Han Si-hoo Si-hoo is Ma-ri's fiancee who was later introduced in the story.

After this incident, he has been confused of his feelings and kept on chasing her to try to make the situation clear, even joining the Band Club. Later on the story, she and Jae-min finally started dating. She is friends with Jae-min's mother. He is seen to be smiling more when he is with Ma-ri.

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Initially not thinking much about Ma-ri, she became entranced by her guitar playing after witnessing it by chance, and persistently tries to get her to join the band club. However, vampires are still predators by nature and still desire human blood. Soo-ri's mother is ill with cancer and she's constantly worried about her. Despite this fact, she is still one of the more sought after girls. She is a vampire trying to conceal her real identity from the world.

He likes Ma-ri and hence gets agitated when Jae-min hurt her feelings and made her cry. After this incident, Jae-min began to have interest on her and kept chasing her, she slowly develops a love interest for him.

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Now vampires are living amongst the humans hiding their nature by drinking only pig blood. He later on confessed that he liked Ma-ri and asked her what does she like about Jae-min to be going out with a human even though she is a vampire. Do Woo-mi Woo-mi is Ma-ri's second friend, via Soo-ri.

In the beginning, Ma-ri is shown to be very quiet and lacking in emotion. By drawing comics, I could pour my heart out.

Jung Soo-ri Soo-ri is Ma-ri's first friend. That incident was later revealed to be a hoax by some anti-vampire criminals, but Woo-mi was still timid with Ma-ri for awhile. Soo-ri was originally openly hostile about vampires, even openly badmouthing them in front of Ma-ri while having no idea she was a vampire. Even though they have the same surname, Soo-ri isn't related to Jung Jae-min in any way. Jae-min is shown as a misogynist but the reason isn't that he really hates women.