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You should keep this in the back of your mind as you have the zombie trail following you. This is crucial because you will not have any team mates to revive you.

This area has been easy for me to create zombie trails and make the most of my ammunition. Most helpful Most helpful Most recent Highest rated Lowest rated. This is because the galvaknuckles will no longer kill the zombies in one hit.

Just be sure not to get hit by a zombie twice under any circumstances. When you enter the backyard of the green house go to the left and backed by the wooden fence, and you will find the teddy bear behind the fence just outside the map. By this point it is simply too risky to try to get galvaknuckles kills, and you should have enough points by this time anyway. This will be greatly beneficial for when firesales comes up. This means that there is no opportunity to get points by building windows like in other maps.

In the backyard, there is one Mystery Box spot, outside of the garden patch. Quick Revive - points points on Solo. The mushroom cloud left from the original nuke explosion. Additional information Published by Activision. There is a door located in the back yard of one of the houses.

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Also by creating zombie trains you should be able to get a lot more points for the bullets you are shooting. Debris and rocks block paths, making navigating and maneuvering harder throughout the map. No one's rated or reviewed this product yet. Like the yellow house, there is a closed door and a cluster of debris costing points each leading to the outside and the second floor, respectively. Like always, purchase weapons from walls or the Mystery Box.

Only Zombies will be on the map. Try to keep your motion going in a circular direction so that you never run into the tail end of your zombies and get trapped. Inside of the truck in the center of the map points to open the Bowie Knife is on the wall. Unlock the door with Points to find a random Power Up which changes during and after each round. Player firing an M pistol.

Just keep in mind that you can only purchase quick revive three times. By throwing a monkey in the beginning of the round you are sure to make your life a lot easier, and definitely reduce the potential risk of your death in nuketown zombies.

Once you have quick revive and juggernaug, along with the galvaknuckles, you should feel a lot more comfortable moving around the map. If you do this and kill off the entire trail zombies, the map will instantly be flooded with new zombies coming from all directions. Report this product to Microsoft.

Overhead view of Nuketown Zombies. There is a chunk of debris blocking access to the inside of the truck, which costs points.

There are a variety of things you can do with the points you build in Nuketown zombies, but I think that grabbing the galvaknuckles of the great investment start with. When will nuketown zombies come out for season pass holders? It seems to me when playing zombies on Nuketown there are a lot more drops than other maps. There are gaps in the porch leading to the backyard, ars maquette pro allowing the player s or the zombies to drop down into the backyard.

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This should kill a handful of them, but not so many that you will get overran from all directions. The doors to both the yellow house and the green house are locked, which require points each to unlock.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? With any sort of like juggernaut may spawn early, rather than later in the match. This is a pretty effective strategy, but one of the hardest parts is just to get it going from the beginning.

When you have a large zombie trail you may want to try shooting just a few of the zombies and see if they have a drop. If playing solo, Quick Revive will always drop at the start of the match.

How you found the violation and any other useful info. The galvaknuckles cost after you clear the point debris. The Perk-A-Cola machines will randomly drop after every few rounds at select spawn locations.