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Meanwhile, the climax was when Akari got proposed by Shota. She majored in the violin at a music college but was ordered by her paternal grandmother to give it up. She once was asking Aoi to become lovers the second time, but knowing he already love Akari again, Ruiko moved away. He left Akari alone and Shota was the one who took care of her until now, start from when he stole Aoi's memo and met Akari himself. Noruma went to forest when he met a father who murdered his family, Noruma ask the father why he killed and the man replied that pain off by killing before he commit suicide in front of Noruma.

Kiko Mizuhara is a stage name given to her by her mother to carve a professional identity, separate from her personal life. First of, you must know who are the cast members. The bench was already changed by seven years.

He hides his sense of

They had a battle with watermelon's seed. After coming to Aoi's competition, Akari went ahead to Toyama. Aoi saw through it, but he couldn't stop Akari.

He is a geek and totally unpopular with women. She joined the station through connections and is a burden. Didn't see they would jump over a bouquet. She lives with her family in Tokyo and has never known any hardship. His videos were watching by journalist named Bayu who become ruthless vigilante after two of them who robbed and assaulted him.

It fits the theme perfectly, especially Aoi's feelings. Takanashi Rin as Fuyumura Nana A beautiful employee of a radio station. He hides his sense of righteousness and is withdrawn.

Kiko Mizuhara and Nomura Shuhei Rumored to Be Dating

Takanashi Rin as FuyumuraIt fits the theme perfectly especially