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Aimee often cooked food to share with her colleagues. According to the report, Aimee has been having temper tantrums since giving birth to their second son and she often vents her frustration on Moses for not helping her out at home. So that piece of news was likely fabricated. Then the rumours of her leaving him for Lam began. Right now, I will focus on work.

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Co-star, Candice Chiu, allegedly showcased her interest in Moses openly. Normally, I am not in frequent contact with him.

The couple seemed affectionate with each other when Moses picked up Aimee from the hospital and even publicly kissed her. But for a sense of peace, Moses doesn't mind living with them. She added that she had not gone public about her relationship with Chan at the time, and was puzzled why the actor would talk to the press about it. Liu on the other hand, denied that she and Lam are an item, but became coy when quizzed about whether Lam is currently one of her suitors.

Throughout the outing Aimee was spotted

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It is not as everyone interprets the situation to be. In the series, he plays my elder brother. The haggard Moses continued to film War of the Heart. Out of the area, he hurriedly boarded a taxi to return to his home, changed clothes and later attended an event at the wax museum.

Ultimately, they are doing what's best for their two sons in Aiden and Nathan. However, the actress revealed in a recent magazine interview that this version of how her relationship with Chan ended is very far from the truth, reported Hong Kong media.

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Hong Kong actress Bernice Liu was portrayed by the Hong Kong media as a gold digger who broke her then-boyfriend Moses Chan's heart, and started dating wealthy businessman Alistair Lam last year. Throughout the outing, Aimee was spotted with coffee cup in hand. Chan has since gone on to date Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan.

He drove his usual white car, which was parked in the garage facilities of his building. Sometimes she would buy two cups of coffee and take the opportunity to chat with Moses in a private corner. It is said the couple are living separate homes for the time being.

However, I do find Moses to be a good man. To protect their fledgling romance, Moses and Aimee officially started dating after War of the Heart finished filming. Moses is very, very good and is a gentleman.

In the last few months, Moses appeared tired and haggard. Both of them speak English. Aimee possessed a particularly enthusiastic personality. Each time, Moses took a taxi to meet Aimee at her apartment.

Moses wore a cap and a mask, revealing only his dreamless sleepy eyes. He is very real and is a good brother si hing. In addition, my body chose to sound off alarm bells at the time, and I was lying in hospital preparing for a big operation. However, each time, she will give the food to Moses first. To keep the new relationship private, both Moses and Aimee have been very careful.

Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. However, there was a report from a magazine yesterday claiming Moses couldn't stand Aimee's postpartum rage. In only two short years of marriage, Aimee has already given birth to two baby boys. Their relationship has developed rapidly. He will often help out newcomers.