Swimming has a new face and it's Katie Ledecky

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She is doing things no oneIn a viral preOlympic video of

In the freestyle final this week, for example, she had almost five seconds to celebrate breaking her world record before second-place finisher Jazmin Carlin of Britain arrived. The final of Ledecky's best event, the meter freestyle, is Friday.

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The couple started dating just under a year ago and even practice at the same pool. Outside of the pool you could mistake Ledecky for an ordinary teenager.

That just happened to be a world record, so I couldn't be happier. The event isn't contested for women at the Games. CelebrityCouples According to celebritiesmoney.

Then she beat Russian swimmer Anastasia Zueva to take gold in the meter backstroke and set a world record in the event. She is working toward her degree at the University of California - Berkeley. Even in front of the television cameras and microphones that now greet her after each race, Ledecky manages the onslaught of attention without noticeable effect.

National Team due to the ambitious depth of American swimmers. Her words are usually nonchalant, matter of fact, unaffected.

Katie Ledecky had just gutted out meters of freestyle that hurt her entire body. At the age of twelve, Franklin began competing against girls that were much older than she was. Missy Franklin is an American swimmer and five-time Olympic gold medalist.

But Ledecky doesn't simply hoard medals. She was preparing for a close race with American Elizabeth Beisel, who fitted first in the final but ended third in the race.

The year-old resisted the urge to vomit during the final meters and accelerated to the wall less than a second off the world record in her weakest individual event. She is doing things no one in the world has seen before. In a viral pre-Olympic video of U. She rarely encounters a situation where another swimmer is pushing her.