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Agni Prosenjit Chatterjee. Her spirit was locked up in a southern section at the mansion Thekkini by putting the talisman over the lock. Department of Information and Public Relations.

The mansion was occupied in ancient times by Sankaran Thampi, a feudal lord of the province who was also the karanavar head of the tharavadu. Sunny, with help of the Namboothirippad, plans an elaborate Tantric ceremony to invoke Ganga's Nagavalli persona and make it believe that it will finally be able to kill Sankaran Thampi. So as she assumes Nakulan to be the cruel Karnavar- Sankaran Thampi, thereby waits till Durgastami night to take revenge on him. Major parts of the film and the climax scenes were filmed in Padmanabhapuram Palace and Hill Palace, Tripunithura. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Sunny are old acquaintances and mutually admire each other's expertise in their respective fields. Sreedevi's tragic history, along with her perceived gloominess, and her being the only person present during an attack on Ganga, lays cause for suspicion of her. But Fazil forgot to inform it to Bhagyalakshmi, hence she was also unaware of it for a long time. Indian entertainment website Oneindia.

Manichitrathazhu and its remakes. Manichitrathazhu is hailed as one of the best films ever made in Malayalam cinema.

Manichitrathazhu Malayalam Movie Songs Varuvanillarumea Mp3 Mp3 MB

Later Sankaran Thampi committed suicide and his spirit is locked up in the same Thekkini, photoshop action effects by means of an ornate enchanted lock called Manichitrathazhu. The original songs featured in the movie were composed by M. Radhakrishnan Songs Johnson Score.

Manichitrathazhu Malayalam Movie Songs Varuvanilla

However, various unclear sightings of a woman are witnessed around the mansion, along with attempted attacks on various people at the mansion, including Nakulan's cousin Alli and Ganga. Sunny, calls in a renowned tantric expert Pullattuparambil Brahmadattan Namboothiripad Thilakan to rid his family of the supernatural menace.

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The soundtrack for the film was composed by M. As fate has it, both the Namboothirippad and Dr. The couple moves in, following which seemingly supernatural events begin to happen. Manik Subhasish Mukherjee.

There are no unnecessary scenes in this movie and each scene in the screenplay sustains the interest in the story. Sumit Abhishek Chatterjee.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Sunny finds out that Nakulan's conclusions are not as obvious and he uncovers a plan to commit a murder during the upcoming Durgashtami Festival. Radhakrishnan which went on to become one of the most popular film albums in Malayalam. At his own risk, Sunny reveals the secret to Nakulan though he hides some of facts which he observed from Ganga's alter ego behaviour.

In one of the more memorable scenes of the movie, Ganga also gets to know about her illness during a manifestation of her hidden personality, that of Nagavalli. It was a period of great emotional and psychological turmoil for her, and she became afflicted with multiple personality disorder. The plan is put into action and in a fiery climax, the blood thirsty Nagavalli exacts revenge on the cruel Karanavar, Sankaran Thampi.

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With the aid of some sorcerers, Thampi somehow escaped from the wrath of Nagavalli. Sunny expresses his intent to marry Sreedevi, and they all drive off happily. She had become very close to her grandmother and didn't want to leave her village and her ancestral home. When Ganga transforms into Nagavali, her alter ego assumes the man staying in old Ramanathan's house as Ramanathan which unfortunately was Mahadevan who was fiance of Alli. International Film Festival of India.

These kind of associating mystical codes, Ganga's alter-ego picked from the tales and family connections of the house. Fazil has done a great job in creating a fantastic movie which keeps the viewers glued to their seats. Meanwhile, Nakulan's uncle, Thampi, having lost faith in Dr.

Ganga wakes up from her hypnotic sleep and learns that she is completely cured of the illness. Directorate of Film Festivals. International Business Times.

Modernity and Identity in Conflict. Hearing of this, Thampi and the family fear that Sreedevi might be possessed by Nagavalli's spirit. In his heyday, he had brought in a dancer, Nagavalli, from Tamil Nadu as his concubine.

Manichitrathazhu Malayalam Movie Songs Varuvanilla