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Some specific proprietary software products are not available in any form for Linux. Uses Knoppix -based hardware detection and the Fluxbox window manager.

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List of Linux distributions

The diversity of Linux distributions is due to technical, organizational, and philosophical variation among vendors and users. If the additional software is distributed in source-only form, this approach requires local compilation. Debian, Ubuntu and many others use Debian-Installer. This places far less strain on system resources than the graphic-intensive Unity.

This makes installation less daunting, particularly for new users, but is not always acceptable. Community-supported Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat. Free software movement History Open-source-software movement Organizations Events. Since the installation procedure was complicated, especially in the face of growing amounts of available software, distributions sprang up to simplify this. However, it is possible to buy hardware with Linux already installed.

An unofficial port of Slackware to the x architecture. SparkyLinux is a Debian-based Linux distribution which provides ready to use, out of the box operating system with a set of slightly customized lightweight desktops. You can get started with Mint here. Gobuntu was an official derivative of the Ubuntu operating system, aiming to provide a distribution consisting entirely of free software.

Linux portal Free and open-source software portal. Optimized for personal computers and laptops. It is meant for users unfamiliar with Linux. Based on Ubuntu, providing open-source applications for multimedia creation aimed at the audio, video and graphic editors. Unofficial variants and derivatives are not controlled or guided by Canonical Ltd.

Although Linux distributions typically contain much more software than proprietary operating systems, it is normal for local administrators to also install software not included in the distribution. For example, see Linux From Scratch. Originally, the distributions were simply a convenience, taio cruz telling the world offering a free alternative to proprietary versions of Unix but later they became the usual choice even for Unix or Linux experts. This guide focuses on picking out the very best distros overall. The various desktop environments for these distros is then built around it.

See more Operating systems news. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Robolinux is a user-friendly and desktop operating system based on the latest long term support release of Ubuntu.

These guarantee five years of security and general maintenance updates, so you can carry on using your machine without the hassle of running a full upgrade every few months. DistroWatch reaches adulthood. The Linux distribution can then be installed on its own separate partition without affecting previously saved data. Usually, Linux distributions optionally include some proprietary software that may not be available in source code form, such as binary blobs required for some device drivers.

Previous versions were based on Knoppix. Those standards, however, see limited use, even among the distributions developed by members of the organization. Live versions are also available. Operating system based on the Linux kernel. For now uses the pacman utility for package management.

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Linux distribution

Linux distribution

Almost six hundred Linux distributions exist, with close to five hundred out of those in active development. On embedded devices, Linux is typically held in the device's firmware and may or may not be consumer-accessible.

Slackware is known as a highly customizable distribution that stresses ease of maintenance and reliability over cutting-edge software and automated tools. Independently developed desktop operating system and package manager upkg with a rolling release format and standard Gnome environment. South African and focuses on the enterprise and government sector. One needs a way to generate the first binaries until the system is self-hosting.

Rolling Linux distributions are kept updated using small and frequent updates. Linux is based on the Unix family of operating systems, which rose to fame in the late s. Focused on providing proprietary software.

It also includes an updated copy of Ice for managing web-app short-cuts. Previously named Eeebuntu and based on Ubuntu. It is possible to build such a system from scratch, avoiding a distribution altogether. The Free Standards Group is an organization formed by major software and hardware vendors that aims to improve interoperability between different distributions.

Linux distribution

Additionally, the root user password is set to root. Its goal is user-friendliness, but with all proprietary e. Ubuntu is one of the most popular flavours of Linux and along with Mint is strongly recommended for Linux newbies, as it's extremely accessible. Ubuntu based initiative to introduce the Castile-La Mancha community in Spain to the information society.

Ubuntu-based distribution for Lithuanian and Latvian people. Short-lived desktop Linux distribution, bought by Xandros Linux.

Of course, this used to be the way all Linux distros were set up, but there are now much more user-friendly methods available. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Few now require or even permit configuration adjustments at first install time.

List of Linux distributions

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