Kroot army rules for dating

Kroot army rules for dating

They're your only other defense against tanks, aside from Meltabombs and your Shaper Council. These guys put Assault Marines to shame. It means you want to be using quick and dirty strike tactics. They're otherwise fairly similar, baseline stat-wise.

They'd make excellent Genesteealer

Tracker Kindred are a must. These guys take the Alaitoc Pathfinder and show it a thing or two about how crap gets done.

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The one Kroot Weakness is that they lack heavy weapons support. Also, insure that every single unit's shaper takes Blood of the Stalker, without exception. If the Independent Character ever dies while attached to a unit, then the purchased Kroot Hounds are attached to that unit instead.

This process also allow them to absorb information by consuming an intelligent creature's flesh in a manner similar to a Space Marine with a functioning omophagea. They're snipers, and native trackers who recieve the equivelant of an Auspex for free, and because they're Infiltrators, they'll be using this ability quite often. Take advantage of the fact they don't test for accidents when moving into and out of forest cover, and land these puppies in cover whenever they aren't assaulting.

Snipers who can Infiltrate with Blood of the Stalker for a mere eight points per model. Kroot Hount Packs are a godsend when dealing with massive amounts of troops. These puppies are sick, quite frankly.

The Headhunters should be your close and personal assault squad for high toughness units, most notably things like the Wraithlord. It is the only adaption worth any amount of points, and you will absolutely require the extra point in Initiative.

This easily expands

Given different Kroot clans focusing on different prey, some of the Ork-like specializations could easily be represented. These Kroot Hounds form a unit with their buyer, and models with Independent Character will remain able to join other units. After you've filled your basic troop choices, stick your third Kindred in a Krootox herd, and you won't regret it. On the bright side, you can have up to twenty meatshields for your expensive Krootox. Again, frag grenades are a must.

This easily expands into the flavors of Chaos as well. They'd make excellent Genesteealer Cult representatives for substantially similar reasons.

Equip them with Hyperactive Nymune Organ and a Surefoot Charm, and turn these puppies loose on the nearest enemy unit. The Stalker Kindred, on the other hand, are barely worth your time. However, doing so will replace the Infiltrate special rule with Outflank and make the unit unable to make a Sweeping Advance, and must always consolidate after a unit disengages from combat. Hunter Kindred are another must. Toss in the occasional Kroothereal, and you've got an awesome theme.

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