Kelly clarkson dating jason aldean

Kelly clarkson dating jason aldean

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He then began performing at area talent contests and local fairs. It doesn't bother me that most of his songs he didn't write cause most artist don't but when most of the songs he sings are covers of other peoples songs I don't like that. When his dad got home, he got out his own guitar and they played together. His Old Boots, New Dirt album, which debuted at the top of Billboard's all-genre Top chart in October, has now shipped more than one million units. Especially when he takes songs from artist who are still on their way up that's not right.

Soon he could play a song after hearing it only a few times. Later, the album's title was announced as Night Train. He did state that it would not be on Night Train.

To deserve the credits he's getting he needs to be more than just a cover artist. Then five weeks later, he was offered a deal from Broken Bow Records in Nashville. Still frustrated and discouraged with his struggling career, Aldean gave himself six months before planning to leave Nashville and return home to Georgia.

Aldean was offered a recording contract but was subsequently dropped. Various showcases failed to bring him a contract. He was raised by his mother in Macon, and during the summer he would spend time with his father in Homestead, Florida.

The song has also been Aldean's lowest-charting single both in the U. If you don't believe go on YouTube n there is a video that brantly put on there n to look it up type in brantly Gilbert talking about Jason aldean. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Are Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean dating

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