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He continued drinking his coffee while trying to hide his now painful erection. He jammed into his mouth, and it tasted really bland. Goku blushed profusely before heading quickly up to his room and closing the door behind him. The longer he stroked the faster his motions became.

He always enjoyed seeing his dad use things he bought him. He went to eat the cereal, but found he forgot to grab a spoon. Goku looked over and chuckled at his son.

He began to lick the tender head which caused Goku to moan and bite his lip. Goku climbed onto the couch and both of them laid down on top of each other. He was sliding his hands up and down at what felt like the speed of light and he was close to climaxing when he heard a noise from downstairs that stopped him dead in his tracks. He set Gohan down and spread his legs apart.

The Story of Saiyan O's - Goku x Gohan - Goten Boner

Gohan got up and dove into his fathers boxers without thinking twice of what his father thought. Goku put the box away and started to walk toward the stairs while he peeked into the bathroom and saw Gohan standing there, with his manhood in his hands, aiming at the toilet bowl.

Goku looked up and watched his son place his bowl next to the sink, put the milk up and walk to the doorway. He tried to reach up but it was always too high for him. He pushed his son back and began furiously jerking off his monster meat.

He went to check the silverware drawer, but there were no clean ones. Gohan went and grabbed a bowl from another cupboard.

Gohan had left the

Once his head was out and he felt as though he had done a sufficient job, of eating the cereal in such a barbaric manner. He had started to sweat but that only drove his hormones to become even more out of control. Goku decided enough was enough and finally gripped the waistband of the boxer shorts and pulled them off of his son.

He then drank the rest of his milk right from the bowl and belched when the last of the white fluid passed down his throat. Leave it to Gohan to make a mess. He grabbed the box and began looking over it. He had to chuckle as he continued to sip his coffee. He pulled down on them causing his father to moan and bite his lip even harder.

Gohan looked up for a split second to see his father standing in the doorway with his boxers on, which now had a wet stain at the end of his very noticeable monster cock outline. Gohan had left the bathroom door wide open as he began to relieve himself. Gohan walked around the table to the cabinets where the cereal was kept.

Gohan looked up for a splitGohan walked around the table