Kaan Urgancioglu - Biography, Career, Private Life

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They are stars from the world of cinema, and also close actors. Kaan Urgancioglu is known for his affairs with the most beautiful women of Turkish cinema. The couple still broke up.

It is still unknown whether Zeynep Oymak became the legitimate wife of Kaan Urgangioglu. Changes in his personal life provoked an even greater interest of fans to his biography, family and personal life. After graduation, the family moved to the United States.

Kaan Urgancioglu - Biography, Career, Private Life

Several years ago the

Several years ago, the attention of the actor's fans was riveted to his affair with the Turkish socialite Derin Mermerchy. At this time, Kaan began to actively withdraw for men's magazines.

It is still unknown whetherAt this time Kaan began to

After a while, parents decided to return to their homeland. Personal life At the end of last year, it became known that a favorite actor of many women decided to tie themselves up by marriage. He invited the guy to participate in one of his projects. It is not known what caused the discord in the relationship between Kaan and Derin.

The boy grew up a carefree tomboy. There are only publications in Instagram, but Kahan has thousand followers. Perhaps, that is why the biography of the future actor at that time once changed to the best side for him, and the guy devoted his life to filmmaking. For the fans this news was a real shock. Through participation in promotional photo projects, Kaan was noticed by the popular producer Abdullah Oguz.

So we will try to shed a small light on how this popular Turkish actor is living. Then, steadily, every year he had a new role in the cinema. This guy was in great demand among famous photographers.