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She needed Anya to give her more. Taylor just had to make it through. She had the softest touch with her hands, and seemed to really like Taylor, too. The author in no-way is claiming Taylor Swift is into girls, likes to exercise naked, and gets it on with random redheaded strangers. Her times with boys in her butt had never been like this.

But her heart was pounding and

The singer could only grunt her agreement. Miley Cyrus is a cock sucking slut, just like me. Now the physical trainer was fucking Taylor Swift, right up the ass. Let me know if this hurts.

The second attempt was about as successful as the first. Anya rammed the plastic cock in and out of Taylor, and in no time, Taylor was writhing about on the table like a woman possessed. Anything else is just extra. They moved to standing exercises that had Taylor stretched out on one foot, both hands spread wide as she stared at her topless self in the mirror. She knew Anya would treat her well.

Of course, Taylor was kind of used to that. But her heart was pounding, and she was getting in a good run. She was surprised to find a bottle of water with a straw resting right beneath the face-pillow her head was resting in.

This time Miley shook her head. She was on a beach, basking in the sun. Taylor sipped her water, and let Anya rub her naked, sweaty body with the cool cloth. If this feeling had been what Emma had been talking about when she suggested the place, Taylor would happily feel this way for a couple of days. Miley was used to flattery, but never for anything like this.

By the time Anya moved to the other arm, Taylor was certain she would die from an overdose of horniness. The urge to choke on it became unbearable, her gag reflex kicking in like crazy with each additional inch of cock Selena forced down her throat. She already kinda loved Anya.

Kelsea Ballerini Photos, News, and Videos

Taylor had never once gone skinny dipping in her life, but if Anya had asked her to at that moment, she would have. It started pretty small, Miley just beginning to stroke the shaft while she was sucking on it, like Selena had showed her.

Just a desk, a girl, and a hallway leading off to the left. There was nothing really wrong here. That look became even more gleeful when Miley retracted her tongue, closed her mouth and loudly swallowed.

Her entire body was focused on the slutty pleasure of being ass-fucked. The woman had incredible stamina. It was so easy to just do as Anya said. Taylor actually gasped aloud, almost whimpering to have that dildo returned to her ass.

She was surprised

How could such a large thing get up inside her. The large plastic phallus Anya was now slowly sliding up into Taylor was larger than that fan by a good solid inch or more, and she was already feeling it. Taylor turned and watched her go, marveling at how serene she looked.

Of course Taylor