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Netizens notice his interactions with the other boys. Other rumors say he also smoked. However, he has expressed that his ideal girl should be nice and affectionate. However, based on other interview with a magazine B.

The event was hosted by Clara. The first time they were seen shopping together at renowned Edit Shop. While posing for a selfie with Song, a female fan took advantage of the moment and suddenly kissed him on the cheek. And all of the pictures are of their backs. However, they sense that the way Yunhyeong does it is so convincing, like a man to his lover.

The situation worsened when they captured his photos which angered him. The latter statement gives a stong indication that B. Citizens predict that Chanwoo is straight. But until now there is no official record regarding it Jinhyeong including silent members at icons. When Kang refused and began entrusting his business affairs to his lawyer, S-Plus sued him for breach of contract.

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He takes the audience to a different world through his soft, mesmerizing voice. Some netizens think that Donghyuk sexuality is questionable.

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However, after further confirmed it was a hoax and Jinhyeong reportedly cried all day in the dorm after hearing the news. This was a nightmare for Song as he flung back in shock!

Welcome To Kpop Zone And This Is Kpop Area

Kang produced the show's Korean and Japanese runs, and he also starred in the latter, becoming the first Korean actor to perform at the Tokyo Globe Theatre. Skinship is a Korean term for physical activities such as caressing, hugging and kissing. However, he has expressed that his ideal girl should possess the traits of being innocent, sincere, engineer s guide to dating an independent strong and independent. He also shared that he already had dream girl.

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And Jimin can be recognized by the public, so there's no way she would do that. So rumors may only be rumors! Skinship is a normal thing to do by Korean idols.

Other times, he shows his sensitivity and gentle heart. Why would they so openly walk out in public like that? Problem was smoking Jinhyeong photo taken by one of his friends and uploaded to social media reportedly still unclear. Don't Sasaengs usually cover this stuff up?

He is also so serious with his career. At the moment, no scandal or rumor has raised regarding his relationship status. The worst rumors that there are some netizens said Jinhyeong never done free sex and fighting brawl. There has been no public response from either side. Even if such tales emerge, he manages a pin-drop silence.

Jinhwan once shared that he prefers beautiful ellegant girls to cute ones and he loves to see them in mini skirt. Netizenz begin to wonder whether the bromance shifts to romance?