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We see a man who was both brilliant and petulant. This book compiles golden age baseball photographs taken by Charles M.

The songstress stunned in a red-hot jumpsuit as the crowd roared for her when she walked on stage. Job relied on his intuition and his maniacal attraction to beauty and simplicity. Baseball fans will love it. If you pick the right minute. The American Pastime has had a rough go recently, particularly with the steroids scandal that upended many of the great records that helped define the game.

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He was extremely passionate but often rude and insulting.

Here we offer up some book ideas as well. Jobs was obsessed with total control over his products and insisted on closed systems so he could control the user experience. Strauss uses some of the same skills he learned as a pick-up artist to get celebrities to talk to him. One of the more fascinating story lines involves his rivalry with Bill Gates.

But she has the password now and it is her profile. As a writer for Rolling Stone he had access to everybody. This was made possible because Jobs gave Isaacson access during the final years of his life, and Jobs was willing to open up and let Isaacson see him for who he was, warts and all.

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Many of the photos have never been published, and this makes a great coffee table book. His use of a mind-reading illusion to get Britney Spears to open up to him is a classic.