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The contemporary list of his translations here first edited will also be found in Wiistenfeld, p. Some of the miracles might come to him in verse, the work of a friendly poet or of a sacred jogral such as Pierres de Siglar, whom C. Our members are a diverse group who work hard and want to achieve the same success in their love lives as they have in their professional. The important passages of Santillana's letter have been so often quoted that the reader may be referred to them, e. The cossante written by King Sancho seems to indicate a natural development of the indigenous poetry.

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The fourth cossante we also have complete, a lovely harcarola by Joan Zorro C. His sea lyrics are only excelled by the enchanting melody of the poem C. As the Marques de Santillana observed and the Cancioneiros prove, lyric poets throughout the Peninsula used Galician.

In the cantigas de amor the iteration becomes a tedious sluggishness of thought, whereas in the cossantes it is part of the music of the poem. Cristobal de Castillejo, Madre, un caballero Que estaba en este cosso bailia. The peasants maintained their ancient customs, and their pagan jollity kept overflowing into the churches to the scandal of the authorities.

Some of the miracles might come

The jogral wandering from house to house and town to town necessarily came into close touch with the peasants. Solo ramo verde frolido Vodas fazen a meu amigo, E choran olhos d'amor.

Yet in several of the more beautiful legends the poet proves himself equal to his theme. Alfonso of Toledo, translator of a tract of Averroifs Steinschneider, E. But they were neglected as rusficas mitsas. The exceeding similarity of the cantigas de amor did raise doubts as to the sincerity of all this dying of love cf. Yet with the gradually developing prosperity of Portugal and her colonics such expectations are not unfounded.

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The contemporary list of his translations