Inundating thesaurus

Inundating thesaurus

Estuarine floods Commonly caused

Coastal floods Caused by severe sea storms, or as a result of another hazard e. Typical effects Primary effects Physical damage- Can range anywhere from bridges, cars, buildings, sewer systems, roadways, canals and any other type of structure. Secondary effects Water supplies- Contamination of water. Casualties- People and livestock die due to drowning.

However, flooding can bring benefits, such as making soil more fertile and providing nutrients in which it is deficient. Clean drinking water becomes scarce. The word comes from the Old English flod, a word common to Teutonic languages, compare German Flut, Dutch vloed from the same root as is seen in flow, float.

The defenses of both

These of course, are not applicable in such instances as sea flooding. Extensive Definition A flood is an overflow of an expanse of water that submerges land, a deluge.

These floods mainly occur in monsoon areas, where there is high precipitation. Venice has a similar arrangement, although it is already unable to cope with very high tides. Other Flooding can occur if water accumulates across an impermeable surface e. These works were built in response to the North Sea flood of of the southwestern part of the Netherlands. Coastal flooding has been addressed in Europe with coastal defence s, such as sea wall s and beach nourishment.

Flood defences, planning, and management In western countries, rivers prone to floods are often carefully managed. It can also lead to epidemics and diseases. Spread of water-borne diseases Crops and food supplies- Shortage of food crops can be caused due to loss of entire harvest. It also has a main traffic function, as it completes a ring road around Saint Petersburg. Catastrophic floods Caused by e.

These of course are

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Estuarine floods Commonly caused by a combination of sea tidal surges caused by storm-force winds. The defenses of both London and Venice will be rendered inadequate if sea levels continue to rise.