Stop applications from updating automatically in Windows

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This is a half-permanent solution because that update will never bug you again, but the update will always be available to you should you want it sometime down the road. If you have an update waiting for you in the App Store, you will have to do this at least once or twice a day. Install the Update Installing updates is really the best way to handle them, if you can spare a few minutes this is always the best approach. Stop applications from updating automatically in Windows Take control of applications that won't let you adjust or disable their background update schedules. If you find yourself annoyed with update notifications that you can't disable, there's a way to get around that.

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Turn Off Automatic Software Update Check This is not recommended, mostly because keeping software up to date is an important means of maintaining a Mac. This leaves you to manually check for updates yourself, something which is easy to do, but also easy to forget.

Install the Update Installing updatesThis is a halfpermanent solution

Read on to learn exactly how to opt out of beta system software updates and stop receiving them on a Mac. Run the Task Scheduler program from the list that appears. Sometimes it's irritating getting notified of updates to programs when you're working or playing a game, and it isn't uncommon for automatic updating to lack a disable button. This is best for when you want to not see the Notification reminder for a full day. Swipe to Ignore the Notification Temporarily Very much a temporary solution, you can swipe right on the Notification banner to ignore it for a few more hours.

Notifications will resume again the next day as usual. The primary downside to this approach is that it temporarily disables all notifications, not just Software Update.