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Unusual island full of sun, suspended over the sea waves, the rustling waterfall and golden sand on the beach. Custom status bar is available in this app or you can customize setting for each app from home screen. Well, it is not as easy as you thought it would be if you happen to have any intention on downloading those images provided by this app. Afterwards, you will be served with several menus to pick. In this case, those images or themes for lock screen do not come free actually.

GO Locker Fabulous Hearts APKGO Locker Is GO Dev s Multi-Themed Lockscreen Replacement For Android

If you want to customize completely your Android device, do not let this app go to modify the aspect of the blocking screen of your device. Creating a group of some of your friend so whenever anyone try to change their lock screen wallpaper it will change automatically on other friends screen. You can smartly set your mobile settings according to you with the help of this app.

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It always let you to save stories for later read like some stories you want to read later you can easily save on your screen and you can read later. But there are many lock screen apps for android phones which are completely functional high security and become with variety of beautiful themes. Many unique patterns are available on this app which you can use them according to your style. It gives you the feature like app switching like you can directly go between apps. But, this app does come with a lot more variations on lock screen themes you can pick to be set as your lock screen.

It also lets full control how notification would be displayed. As the consequence, several apps, which might be quite important for you, might not be able to be protected. But in general cases, they do not come with the feature with which you can customize your lock screen. To unlock the screen you have to swipe right and when you swipe left it will open you camera.

Wrapped in blue ribbon flowing water and tropical vegetation, will have a stimulating effect on your imagination. When you open your phone it always shows you top stories. Compared to other apps, they usually come in default.

Locker Master has various different and unique unlocking patterns. Locker Master is the best and rather popular app in all lock screen apps for android. Besides that, lagu kahitna mantan terindah this locker does also come with quite a variation of lock screen themes you can pick.

Next thing, pick apps you want to protect with. In that case, it might not be a good way to save money or data connection if you still need to do prerequisite things beforehand. However, you will not find such problem with this app for it covers pretty much any apps installed in your smartphone without any exception. You do not need to run out of ideas on how to beautify your smartphone without having to download random images from the internet. It also provides the weather forecast shortcut on lock screen.

You can customize or change your home screen with stylish themes. It have many different style themes for their users. Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. You can rate on Google Play it is very helpful.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. You will also be able to determine which information you want to appear in the blocking screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Locket lock screen is rather an intelligent lock screen app. See more software for Desktop customization.

Notification Bubbles Free. From the key features it provides you smart alerts which are only alerts you on a required messages and you can also organize notification in a group and set them priority vise. Wow, awesome theme that I have never seen before. You can rather easily change wallpapers, themes and launchers according to your need. It gives full means of security for all apps installed in your smartphone.

GO Locker Latest Version APK Download - AndroidAPKsBox

It also provides many different wallpapers and themes which you can set on your mobile. If You like themes you can rate it on Google Play android market Good rate is very helpful. It also provides you various interesting and stylish themes. Exceptions can create cache for Android games, which we load on Direct link.

It provides you variety of wallpapers and themes for your mobile and a variety of unlocking patterns. It will connect to you to your friends therefore, You can leave notes for your friends. We probably see the home screen and lock screen of our smartphones a hundred of times in our daily routine.

This is a custom lockscreen replacement app with a charging animated battery. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

First thing first, this app does do its own job just like the locker app is supposed to do in the first place. There isn't previous version.

GO Locker Fabulous Hearts APK

In reality, there is quite a selection of apps that come with similar feature as this one. Easy to use and you can manage your notifications according to you. Display as a link instead.

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You can customize your general settings and app quick launcher. No doubt their are many security apps for android. You can draw or erase images on white board. And for open notification swipe right and swipe left to dismiss notification.

Android phones are highly customizable because you can customize anything you want according to you with the help of installing apps. With Dodol launcher you can totally change and decorate your home screen with themes and fully functionally unlock pattern. General Discussion Search In. Go locker theme is a very good theme and I really like it. If You like this theme, please rate.

If not, you have to download some sponsoring apps before downloading those themes. Slidelock locker best choice in listed lock screen apps for android and provides you lock screen display with notification, so you can receive directly your important notifications on screen.

The lonely boat aground embedded, golden sand, blue color of the sky, palm giving coolness exotic let him be your home. Choose the wallpapers and ringtones that you most like and personalize your Android devicewith them in an easy way. Give a new aspect to the blocking screen from your Android, a new way to customzie it. Yes, you need to some purchase beforehand if you want to use one of those themes to be your lock screen. In conclusion, all the above listed apps are most popular and best screen lock apps for android phone which are widely used.

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