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Even the cut of tee-shirts changed capped sleeves became popular. With those benefits, however, came a caveat. In short, the world was better off with women in charge.

Midriff-baring tops, bolder colors and prints, and accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings became popular. To do so would cause it to unravel. In our society, whether men or women are in charge, bigger always seems to be better. Nowhere was this more apparent than our notion of the ideal man. That's why, traditionally, men were supposed to be big and strong while women were supposed to be soft and dependent.

With those benefits however

That was life, for better or worse. Women wanted their men wrapped in colorfully playful undergarments, and those men replied in kind. If men underwent the genetic modification process, his potential offspring would also be affected. Most teenagers almost eighty percent had undergone genetic treatments before puberty. Every year, crime came in at an all-time low.

Some of the modifications I made for this series were really good, so I hope you all enjoy at least that part. The future is uncertain, but one thing is absolutely undeniable - we will continue to change, to evolve, to adapt. But we can't completely change it. Masculine Ideal - Circa And with that came the need for support garments, such as bras.

Progress - A Gender Role-Reversed Future For centuries, our concept of gender roles remained static, unchanging even in the face of unprecedented progress in nearly every other area of society. They were in charge - or at least they thought they were. Anyway, I also used a slightly different layout for this one.

Over the last century, the face of our world has changed. We always want more, whether it be money, sex, or power. Certainly, vaginal intercourse was still quite normal, but increasingly, men found themselves participating in extended foreplay, and becoming more sexually adventurous. Common Male Undergarment - Circa Lingerie, until then, was a strictly feminine construct. The fact that men had always been in control merely served to perpetuate that perception.

For years, the primary purpose of male lingerie had been to excite potential partners. There were men who relied on quickness and cunning, surprise and tactical advantage.

Even the cut of teeshirts

How it made them look was a secondary concern. Boxers became boxer briefs.

In short the world