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It was observed that she was tearful when she was asked to take off her lower garments. Meaning of garment in English. This style tends to be popular when revivals of the styles of the s are fashionable.

Blog A must for anyone with an interest in the changing face of language. If several rows of weft yarns cross over several rows of warp yarns at a time, a variation of the plain weave called the basket weave can be made. In the plain weave, yarns in the first row of the weft cross over one warp yarn, under one, over one, etc.

In computer-integrated-manufacturing, the various programs communicate directly, so that data moves smoothly along the production process in an accurate and timely fashion. As a result, seams in these areas are less likely to tear. Peplums may be sewn to the bodice, cut in one with the bodice, or may be a separate section attached to a belt. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.

They can be finished with a hem or overlapping pieces that allow the placket to be hidden. The heel can vary in height. Its name comes from its resemblance to the wing of a bat or its similarity to a type of coat worn in the late s that had a cape-like sleeve.

In modern usage, the term may refer to any undergarment worn over a brassiere and ending at the waist. It is sometimes decorated with jewels or colored stones and has been popular as ornamentation for evening wear. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram.

Those made to create decorative effects are known as novelty or fancy yarns. Weft knits stretch more than warp knits. The shape is similar to a funnel, and so this sleeve style may also be called a funnel sleeve.

Knitted velour, terrycloth, fleece, imitation furs, plush, and other knitted pile fabrics are weft knits, as are doubleknits. In England the word was spelled panniers, but the devices were more likely to be called hoops. The front part of the shoe can be made in any one of many different styles.

Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. As a result, no costly storage of inventory is required.

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Essentialist Today's Must Read. The usage advice you deserve. Handmade lace was either bobbin also called pillow lace or needlepoint lace. English Language Learners Definition of garment. In many other countries, items can be trademarked before being used.

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There are many different types of pleats. The strap is stitched to the front vamp of the shoe.

Fullness is released at the end of the stitching. These bands were sewn onto various parts of the garment. Such fabrics can be used for apparel, household textiles, and industrial textiles. State Name Spellings and Origins Your history teacher might not have mentioned. Usually made of leather or fabric, pouch bags can have different types of longer or shorter straps.

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Originally worn by military personnel in cold weather, this headwear is named for the Battle of Balaclava, fought during the Crimean War in the mid s. Yarns may be classified according to the number of parts. In order to make the buttonhole secure and keep it from raveling, it must be finished in some way. The gusset provides additional width and stretch.

Electronic record-keeping and communication about inventory and needs has made this system possible. Caps are likely to be made of fabric, often felt, or leather. Alessandro Michele is speaking up for sexual and reproductive health and rights in his Gucci Cruise collection. Yarns with a regular surface and diameter are called simple yarns.

They have price advantages over knitting or weaving in that they require less yarn or fiber and can be produced more rapidly. Get Word of the Day daily email!

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In making a garment, putting a layer of fabric on the inside so that it hides the construction details. Especially popular when fullness around the hem of a skirt but not at the waist is fashionable. Sometimes the fabric or leather is a different color from the garment, and the buttonhole becomes part of the ornamentation of the garment. Most often used for gowns and other highly decorative garments.

This creates a more or less visible line on the surface of a garment. The resulting print has a hazy, misty appearance. See more words from the same year. Short, staple fibers cotton, wool, linen, or manufactured fibers or silk cut into short lengths must be twisted so that they will hold together to form a yarn. If the markup is less than this, it is called a short markup.

Get our free widgets Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. See the full definition for garment bag in the English Language Learners Dictionary. It can be made with a heel of any type and any style of vamp front. Flirty, how can i photoshop for full version inspiring and fun are the three key words of this empowering project.

Resources for garment bag Time Traveler! They allow a closer fit over the hips and then gradually flare out at the lower part of the garment. What made you want to look up garment bag? The Macmillan Dictionary blog explores English as it is spoken around the world today.