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Just ask Debbie or Star or Elisabeth. They spent every evening together over unending cocktails. Patients with dissociative disorders use it as a way of talking about unpleasant things in a depersonalized fashion. He also has charisma and intelligence.

Just ask Debbie or Star

Never heard that one before. He looks great with the facial hair in the photo with Babs above.

Frank Langella We published this blind item exactly a year ago. He spent every evening downstairs getting drunk. He also uses Chita Rivera as a beard sometimes. His relationship with Whoopi was the last sexual one he's ever had with a woman.

We needed to shake things up. But nothing ever progressed past the phone, because Davis always canceled when they made dinner plans.

Patients with dissociative disorders use

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They spent every evening together over

She could do a lot worse, and frequently has. After the end of his relationship with Whoopi Goldberg, Langella was set up on a date with the year-old, violet-eyed icon. And when it is revealed that they were actually fired, she claims that it was not her decision. She thinks it makes her look like a nice person. The two became fast friends in the late s.

Langella still managed to maintain a relationship with the actress for over two decades. And boy did she live by the motto. Perhaps because of her lofty reputation, Langella made himself a fool around her. Bates was pretty much at death's door at that point. Langella and Davis met in the s through their mutual agent, Robbie Lantz.

As he sat beside her, she took two pills, slipped off her caftan and invited him to spend the night. She was in her mids, and playing his mother. They are witty, intelligent, and monied. It occurred to him moments later that a gun to the head might elicit painful memories for the widow.

Though the two were never involved, he does speak about the effect the elderly woman had on men of all ages. They'd have to do it in the shower just to keep the dust clouds under control.

Psych patients with narcissism use it to make themselves seem more grandiose. And he's a fantastic actor. Now he's looks like Daddy Warbucks.