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Therefore, various floating platform concepts have been developed recently to withstand these challenging environmental conditions. It is also more easily found, cheaper and actually provides a number of environmental and economic advantages. The water depth and the challenging Deepwater environment makes the traditional offshore platforms unsuitable. The facility is also able to be decommissioned and re-deployed elsewhere relatively easily. It is odorless, colorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

They include hundreds of jobs, tax revenues, businesses opportunities for local companies, taking your time while dating a libra and community programmes. Understand the physical modeling of floating platforms for wave tank tests.

Safety gaps have been allowed between modules of process equipment so that gas can disperse quickly in the event of a gas leak. It routes gas from the field to the facility via risers. Floating platforms have been installed in water depths of up to m.

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The conventional alternative to this would be to pump gas through pipelines to a shore-based facility for liquefaction, before transferring the gas for delivery. This helps maintain marine and coastal environments. Attendees Introduction In the global oil and gas industry, demand for hydrocarbons is increasing rapidly with declining resources available onshore and at shallow water depths.

John - Lecturer in Civil Engineering Dr. Natural gas is relatively clean burning compared to other fossil fuels. Containment systems and product transfers also need to withstand the effects of the wind and waves. It also eliminates the need to build long pipelines to the mainland.

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This course covers an overview of the various floating offshore platforms and the station keeping systems. This fact makes exploring new reservoirs in aggressive environments such as Deepwater regions essential for future energy supply.

Prelude is now on location, km miles north-north east of Broome, Western Australia, in around metres of water. Conduct dynamic analysis of any floating platforms. Many natural gas resources are located in offshore fields, but geographic, technical and economic limitations make a number of these difficult to develop. Hazards, however, include flammability after vaporization into a gaseous state, freezing and asphyxia.