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Cant complete a mission because theres no second piece of evidence to find. These crimes occur pretty much at random, with an examination of the scene leading you to solve the crime or, more importantly, quietly identify the criminal. Have to basically start all over again! And ive got a galaxy note with beast specs. This is a rip off The controls suck And you can't even exit out of the boxes I want my money back plz!

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Game freezes when receiving text Game freezes every time I get a text. Cant even just drive around without the phone icon popping up and then telling me I should go to the crime scene. Can't even complete one mission. Very big disappointment especially since I have seen every episode of Dexter and was really excited for this game. Its not overly feature rich but it is alot of fun.

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Not came across any glitches in the game, I love the hidden blood spatters you have to find. At least they don't try to offer it for free and try charging you in game purchases later like alot of shady android games. Subway Princess Runner Free. Would be a great game if it was updated and work on the game add levels, different kills, make it less boring. Horrible Phone keeps ringing I answer it but it doesnt show where to go on the map.

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Id go if it showed where to go on the map. This aspect is more about keeping your public mask in place, and avoiding suspicion by performing your blood spatter analyst duties diligently and often. With the show having ended we may never get that console release but this is very cheap so maybe worth a look.

Terrible, its hard to get anywhere with the controls and Dexter runs so fast. If your a die hard Dexter fan and a gamer buy it. Dex Im a huge fan of the dexter show and being able to play as dexter has brought me hours of fun and well, being a psychopath. After each kill the game locks up and you have to start over. Its not as good as the first game, hits of mahendra kapoor mp3 but still enjoyable.

If it would get fixed it would be good I think. They need to be rescaled corresponding to screen dpi.

Poor Wont let me answer phone in game. Tank Heroes - Tank Games Free.

Miami is a barren and lackluster playground devoid of toys, with almost no other vehicles or people to be found. Stack Ball - Blast through platform Free. It has now stopped working, it wont actually let me play wont let me play resume or even load game. Don't buy Same as everyone else, freezing, pop ups not closing driving is hard work, hope it will be fixed soon or refund as this isn't a playable game.

Good idea but the game needs serious work. Great but broken Would be awsome if it didnt keep crashing. How do I get my money back.

Show cool but this needs worked on Develiper make it better. The only time you ever really run into other characters is at a crime scene, where they stand around like lobotomized Sims, waiting for a hug or a new lamp.

Good Its a fun game just freezes a lot can u try updating it. Movement poor no story line. It needs some serious bug fixings. Was so excited about it and its craaaaapppp.

Bricks Breaker Quest Free. Game does not work any more would like a refund Was ok till now.

It would have disappeared without a trace, woken up strapped to a desk with rolls of plastic, and made to answer for its crimes in blood and dismemberment. Other applications in the Arcade category. Then all I can do is walk around the apartment and outside. Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld v.

Dexter 2.5.4 Update

Dexter 2.5.4 Update

Is it worth buying if your a Dexter fan and you like the feel of the grand theft auto games? Also couldnt even get in the car. Not opening I bought this app and I can't even open it.

Good concept but unfortunatley not enough time or money has been put into this, very dissapointed as love the series. And after I got the update it keeps screwing up.

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