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The boss made a half-hearted attempt to find someone else then said I'd have to do it. Being able to refuse work as a freelancer brings a great deal of joy. We were asked to translate the interface for some accounting software.

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The app then searches its archive to connect users with other people who share common dislikes. For example dance, band, art, etc. As well as injection drugs heroin, crack, meth can be done in bathroom stalls. While hate serves as the driving force behind the app, Alper assured that future user-generated topics will be vetted carefully. My doctor said the migraine might be partly caused by failing eyesight, so I went for a check-up and ended up having to wear glasses for the first time in my life.

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My worst ever job was when working at the agency. Smoking marijuana would be very hard to not get caught smoking. It took me ages, and triggered my first ever migraine. It is a bad habit to start and deadly. Photo courtesy of Hater Feb.