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In the meantime, bask in your self-love, drink enough water, stay away from fuckboys, and know that you have at least two sisters out here who are sending you love and warm hugs through the universe. We see females keeping their feelings for guys to themselves because they are afraid of being labeled as thirsty unladylike hoes who have no values. Once you understand that every individual attaches labels to people then you are already ahead of the curve. She let him sleep with her.

Just because the female was not explicit with her desires and you ended up making the first move should not boost your ego. The guy wants sex that very night and he says it, the female also wants sex but god forbid she actually says that because what woman from a good home would advertise being a sexual being? Initially, I was perplexed that the tactics, such as simply making them laugh and taking them out to eat that had given me so much success abroad, were falling short of my goals. In conclusion, finding the right girl is hard in this country and most times you can get caught up in this mess if you are not careful. Hence, people do things that hurt their partners and said partners retaliate, thereby creating a whole bunch of spiteful and vindictive people.

We tiyah with that crap oh! If you and I break up, my guy, your friends are not off limits!

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But I say to you gentlemen, to hell with all that nonsense of giving them all the power. Reclaim your sense of self and create an image of yourself in her mind before you even say a word to her. However, if this girl starts to talk to a friend of this guy, she is labeled as a hoe, hopojoe, whore, prostitute, etc. Either way, this is a universally successful path to romance.

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We live in a generation where almost everybody is kicking it, talking, or in a situationship. Exclusivity has almost become a myth in Liberia. Two people meet for the first time and hit it off.

Out here the rules are turned on its head. If she asks for you to pay for her new hair within days of meeting, just know you already losing pekin. Who is to say this is a messed up way of doing things? We say to hell with that shit!

The relationship is over and that means the loyalty to each other is over. Try to see if she can get intimate without alcohol involved too because that can tell you a lot about her. The first part of this is the issue of body count.

Allow me to make it more explicit by using our Liberian koloqua. So we mon na date in this country na?

On the flip side, maybe more Liberian women need to be explicit about their feelings towards men and start making the first move. The only thing left is for you to know how to use this mindset when approaching or being approached by Liberian women. On the other hand, Liberian women are up for some revenge on a hurting ex, seeking financial security, and also trying you prove that they are superior to men. Use all these tricks and tools and you will liberate yourself from the toxic mental slavery that these women have put us Liberian Kings in for so long.

Single Women from Liberia, Girls Date For Free Liberia

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The introductory quote was by me. Most of these women try to act smart and put all men in one category but what I advise is to flip that on its head and force her to question if all women can be put in one category too.

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What can be said is that our parents and their parents had much less complicated dating lives and that is something to envy. Our generation is having a less than an ideal dating situation, to say the least, and the genders are definitely a part of the problem. If you factor in the fact that Monrovia is tiny as hell as everybody knows every-goddamn-body, lee seung gi dating you lyrics then all these fine men are off-limits just because you and I were together?

Single Women from Monrovia, Girls Date For Free Monrovia

Understand that these roles are often not mutually understood because they are based on the differing perspectives of the two parties. If the guy happens to start talking to a friend of this girl, nobody blinks an eye or thinks any type of way. Only small-minded boys will think they are the only ones who are allowed to make the first move and do you really want to be with a small-minded boy, sis? This all began with our forefathers, who disregarded the sanctity of monogamy by constantly lusting after multiple lovers. In America, you see an attractive girl, you go up to her and give her the smoothest lines you can come up with.

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Approaching aspect of the battle is key and is something I personally had a problem getting used to when I first got back. Then she might give you her number, let you take her out on a date or two and, if you do the right things then you might end up with a place in her heart or in her guts. And once again, this is universally considered romantic. Finally, pay attention as to when and how she asks for things because right here is where she exposes how she has labeled you. The double standard and slut-shaming that happens in this country need to be talked about.