Brandi Glanville went on date with her Uber driver

Dating a pre-med student uber driver

No he was proactive and resourceful

You can avoid the peaks of surge pricing with good timing when you travel. No, he was proactive and resourceful. Obviously that is the Uber corporation taking advantage of the helpless passenger.

You can avoid the peaks

In the end, Uber is reliable, always, and we will create a system that maximizes the number of people that can get safe and reliable rides. Furthermore, every customer also had to type in what the multiplier was in order to double confirm that they understood what they were agreeing to. Higher prices are required in order to get cars on the road and keep them on the road during the busiest times. There is not such thing as coincidence. In fact, he'll be your knight in a shining Prius.

So far it appears that this techno-optimist called it wrong. But if you did indeed take the rides described then you confirmed the price which was very up front, and then entered the multiple you read into a text box in order to double confirm. He can afford to be spontaneous. Airlines and Hotels are more expensive during busy times. Your Uber driver has seen it all giving drunken people rides on Friday and Saturday nights, so he won't judge you when you have one too many cocktails and need a sober ride.

Obviously that is the Uber

You can share as much personal information as possible in a short amount of time. Uber is providing the platform to enable the transaction.

No ride for me, no fee for Uber. We regularly do surge pricing when demand outstrips supply. The drivers have other options as well. You have his number for a reason. There's no rule against it.

Brandi Glanville Dating Her Uber Driver

He looks sexy when he drives. If you have other ideas for how to provide a reliable ride during busy times, I am all ears. And if it doesn't go well, then you don't have to see that guy ever again.