Meet Bob Dancer – The King of Video Poker

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We figured it was close enough, but today I know that the games have big differences. The reason is that virtually everyone in a sameday club makes sure to get their cash after finishing their play, while not everyone in a bounceback club makes the effort to go back for their cash. The casino hires a lot of people to protect what it has and to concoct ways to get more. No matter where you live, you can find the most lucrative game available in the casinos near you. Many people have visions of professional gamblers leading a life of luxury and winning money at every turn.

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Meet Bob Dancer - The King of Video Poker

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Fascinated by the game, he read every book he could find on the subject and became a bit of an expert. There are times when it will be a couple hundred thousand hands between royals and there are times when it will be two or three in the same day. This, Bob concluded, still made it a profitable venture and they continued to play. He continually scouted new promotions and modified his play to take advantage of the best opportunities. If you win, you get to keep the money.

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At this point Shirley was ready to take the money and run, but Bob believed it was still worth while to pursue a game where they had an advantage. Bob was able to play these machines for several months before management corrected the mistake, but bad luck caused him to lose.

Within two weeks I hit three Thursday-royals and broke even for the rest of the time, so my bankroll doubled. Only a computer trainer can teach you to play perfectly. Bob is an accomplished dancer and actually chose his pen name, Bob Dancer, based on his fondness for dancing. Eventually, however, Bob convinced her that things would be fine and they began playing in late November.

Within two years, however, his employer had been bought out by another company and Bob was laid off. For the next nine years he continued to study the game and play for money, albeit less than before. You would want a club where you can get same day cashback.

He got laid off the following year and a friend invited him to the Cavendish West, a private card club in the Los Angeles area where backgammon was played for money. Therefore, the couple limited their playing time to those particular days. As they grew closer, Bob finally asked Shirley to marry him and in late they tied the knot. During the course of time, however, it became more difficult for Bob and Ginnie to use their advantage-play methods.

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Shirley was a gambling novice and this began her introduction into the world of professional video poker. It took him just three hours to lose the entire forty grand. This gave him the incentive to pursue gambling on a full-time basis.