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Very first photo, above, from one of my favorite photographers of all time, Vivian Maier. We do this because there is a great deal of ego gratification in those roles. Pay very close attention to these things.

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Kinda cool that you can tell very easily where they stand just by these two things. Just get on a good path and stay dedicated to working on these qualities in yourself.

When it comes to relationships, I really feel that light is attracted to light. This will be a more accurate display of their character.

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If your relationship is not shining on both sides, there will be discord sooner or later. These were two deal breakers for me. They must learn to fix themselves. Too often, men play the role of rescuing a damsel in distress and women play the role of reforming the bad boy or healing a broken man. If you are going to be partners with another person, trust me that you want someone that can face a trial with inner strength, hope, faith, charity, forgiveness and love.

Sleeping with a roof overhead. Also, like I said earlier, there is nothing more attractive than a charitable person.

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An offense from another person. It is an amazing bond that keeps husbands and wives faithful to each other.

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