Cross thread operation not valid vb net textbox validating

Cross thread operation not valid vb net textbox validating

If both are set ParentFieldName take precedence. Localizable attribute added for AdvTree ColumnHeader.

ItemPanel might generate an exception if its Style. This prevented the runtime BackgroundImage from displaying properly under these conditions.

AppointmentView minimum height adjusted to avoid

Repeated calls to Highlighter. SuperValidator does not respect HighlightColor set on each validator.

TabKeyNavigation property controls whether navigation is enabled. Blue, Green, Orange, Magenta and Teal. Compatibility support for new BarUtilities. Included initialization of GlobalManager.

AdvPropertyGrid improved readonly PropertyDescriptorFixed a problem where the CalendarView

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Separator lines can also be shown between the collated rows via CalendarView. Added keyboard support to the CalendarView control up, down, left, right, home, and end keys - plus all the shift and control modifier combination. Indicates array of colors used to render custom highlight color when eHighlightColor. AdvTree automatic sorting support added when ColumnHeader.

AdvPropertyGrid improved read-only PropertyDescriptor. Fixed a problem where the CalendarView. This property indicates whether the control can automatically extend the Start and End TimeLine dates if the user attempts to scroll beyond the set date boundaries. AppointmentView minimum height adjusted to avoid default TextRender clipping of text on appointments whose calculated height is less than the minimum.

This property indicates whether the control

Ribbon Control Application Menu Backstage support added. Office Application Button will now display Text instead of the image if text is set. AutoCloseTabs now works properly. MouseOverDataPointChanged event added which occurs when MouseOverDataPointIndex property changes due to user moving the mouse and pointing it to different data point on chart.

HoverDelayMultipler now applies to instances of AdvTree. Fixed a problem where attempting to dispose of Schedule Control resources during Visual Studio shutdown could cause an exception. Fixed an issue where the YearView display might not always display that a given date has an associated appointment with it.

See PropertyGrid sample for an example on how to create custom property value editors. These events will permit user rendering of individual slots in the TimeLineView.