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There is a high demand for residential as well as commercial buildings in the market mainly if they are situated in prime locations in the city. The commercial building construction cost in Bangalore is Rs to Rs for a column structure only. Factors for the increase in commercial construction cost This is determined by various factors like the size of the building, location, purpose of use, etc. Satish Pal - Bangalore Buildingplanner turned my home into a better living place than what we imagined while we planned to renovate our home. Laxmi - Bangaluru I strongly suggest Buildingplanner for all, jessicas guide to dating on the dark who looking for the construction firm to do best Indian Floor Plans.

Eksha - Hospalaya Thank you so much for the experts of Buildingplanner who did a wonderful job renovation job to my home located in Omkar Nagar, Bangaluru. We luckily got into the hands of BuildingPlanner, the Architects in Bangalore and this skilled team made the entire procedure as much relaxing as possible.

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Famous mulch-national companies across the globe are looking to set up an office in the city which has attracted a large number of qualified candidates in the country. They turned by home into a beautiful place. The city has been constructed in a planned way and is adequately maintained to keep it clean and attract more people to the beautiful city. Friendly, efficient, responsive, etc. Everyone I have dealt with was fantastic!

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We personally suggest them as the best Architects in Bangalore. They are the best Indian Home Plan creators! Their executives are always responsive and never hesitate to clear my doubts. We are fully enthused to move in.

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We got something new and innovative work from the officials of Building Planner. After completion my home looks awesome.

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