Hot actor Blake Jenner and wife Melissa Benoist divorcing

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He knows how to play the game in Hollywood. And take your own advice while you're at it. So I understand that he gets enough and don't want to encourage it anymore. In ascending order, here goes the list.

They remained friends after their split. It's something to ship characters, it's gross to ship real people. The speculation started when he started acting cagey about this subject.

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Half of hollywood actors do it for whatever reasons. The caption reveals that the snap is from their day spent participating in Spartan Race.

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Half of hollywood actors

Fans and media outlets are wondering if the two are romantically involved with each other. He'll most likely be seen with a new beard for award season. And I'm not a Sterek shipper. However, none of the reports were confirmed.

The actor can be seen giving a kiss to the puppy held by Nina Dobrev as they both are covered in mud. And the guy must even know about Hobriens.

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No matter of his sexuality. Liam went back to Miley and Nina happily moved on.

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The actress was once rumoured to be dating Foster the People singer Mark Foster. Even though the news has created quite a stir among the fans and media, Dobrev and Wood have not yet addressed the dating reports.

Just in this thread someone mentions that Blake Jenner supposedly slept with a guy. It changes nothing for me. Let's just be thankful Melissa stans haven't found this thread. Yeah I understand that the actors got enough of sterek fanatics. Apparently you are a major Hoechlin stan that can't stand that anyone could question that ideal dream image you have of Hoechlin.

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