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My Experience Starting A Business in Colombia - Step-by-step

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But we never did, we just kept on. First of all, there was and is always the language and business culture barrier. It has allowed many women to become independent and manage their own agenda, without the need to seek clients on the street or unwanted places where there might be other interests in hand.

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In front of the Hotel Dann Carlton, Av. You will see police there, but as my cab driver said, that the police will not do much about it. His directions are impeccable, and the place is incredible.

Among them, more than two thirds work on the streets. Everybody would have understood.

This block is by far the best. This is the contract that will regulate the relationship between the business partners and their responsibilities in case you are creating a partnership. However the one thing that needs to be added is that this is not a place to be at night time. When we first met you, Andrew, we were actually one week away from booking our flights home and just leaving Colombia behind us. Some weeks ago we launched the second flavor of the brand.

You can also try walking around the block with orange dots but it offers less attractive women. But our experience up to today has been that perseverance is what really pays in this country. You need to be extra cautious especially with the prostitutes. Older Chicas, Watch out for the Trannies. Well, Colombia is a country with a growing economy, which is something you can recognize all over the place.

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So at the end what has become of the project is way more than just simply producing any juice. The added values, like the sustainability and social aspects, are mostly things that we know from German beverage projects. We have a very good accountant, who has been very helpful whenever it comes to personal and company taxes as well as accounting. We wiped away everything that we had done until then and started from scratch with a whole different product. This depends on which girls you choose.

This is the best way I know how. Compared to the German business culture, everybody is way more positive about alliances and not a skeptic, which really helps. This one is not officially a tax, but every company has to pay it annually.

But Henrik and Konstantin, we are of course salaried employees by our own company. As I mentioned, this block is safe but you need to be careful how to get there. As you know my business deals with U. It is not easy to run a business. It takes a ton of time, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, leadership skills, organizational skills, communication skills, and people skills.

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